What's this icon in the Chromium prefs icon?

Okay this might be an insanely silly question but can someone tell me what this little N is that appears in the corner of the prefs icon in the latest Chromium 10? It goes away when i open the settings and it’s driving me crazy as to what it is. Thanks in advance! rotfl!

I can’t see what you mean. Were you supposed to have put a screen of it or are we just to try and imagine what you mean. I looked but can’t see any ‘N’

Aye i did intend to include a screenshot but it says i’m not allowed to include attachments.


Anyway that’s a link too what i’m talking about.

I’m not seeing that


Maybe this one will work

Or did you mean you’re not seeing that little N?

They work.
I just edited out access to your other link and put a suse-paste in place

But I don’t get this N

SUSE Paste


I don’t understand what it’s function or purpose is. It doesn’t seem to have any at all. Ah well maybe someone will come along who also has this mystery N and knows what it is. LOL

Are you using the same version as me

rpm -qa chromium

There are several repos supplying it too
I use
Index of /repositories/openSUSE:/11.3:/Contrib/standard

I use that one as well and also don’t see any ‘N’ icon

I have chromium-10.0.633.0-2.1.i586

And i do believe i got it from the same repo that you have listed.

I have Chromium 10 & I don’t have that ‘N’ next to the wrench. Is it possible you got Google’s version of Chrome?

I believe the little “N” is supposed to be an oscilloscope waveform, a crude sine wave or sawtooth wave. It’s not an “N” at all.

Maybe it indicates some process in that menu is running?

I got it! I got the n. I got the screenshot. I got the answer. Since I see someone has already posted a picture of it, I won’t try to figure out suse paste. I usually use Google Chrome but have Chromium installed as well for when one of them gets a problem.

I don’t know if the icon is an “n” or not but it appeared when I opened up Chromium after a week or two. Clicking on the wrench, the same icon appeared near the bottom of the menu, next to “View background pages.” When I clicked on that menu item, a box opened up showing processes and extensions in use. When I closed that box, the “n” disappeared. Mystery solved!