What's the secret to KDEConnect and Bluetooth?

I have figured out the right broadcom driver for the wireless, however, I can’t get KDEConnect and Bluetooth working. I have what I believe is both KDEConnect5 and Bluedevil5 installed. When I access the KDEConnect, I am unable to do any connection whatsoever. With the bluetooth, the computer sees my LG3 phone, but won’t connect to it. In regular Kubuntu, I can do both without trouble. Please help with some step-by-step instructions. I really want to learn OpenSUSE, but need some pointers early on. Thank you very much.

It is an upstream bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=355015

Witch version of KDE are you running in kubuntu?

I am running 5.4.1. It’s interesting in OpenSUSE how many services, etc you have to turn on. I found where network services turned on and turned on SSH. KDE Connect version 5 is now running, but bluetooth just isn’t. It detects my phone, but does not connect. I guess I’ll wait until the patches come through. Thanks to all for their help. Am reading documentation and forums to improve my knowledge base.

Any news on this?
The upstream bug is closed as solved, but I still cannot use KDEConnect through Bluetooth.
I am on Tumbleweed, my bluetooth is working well and is correctly connecting to my phone. However KDE Connect always reports “no available devices”. When I’m using wifi, KDE Connect works perfectly.

louparker, did you have success in connecting?


No luck on bluetooth on kernel 4.6. KDE connect will connect, and I can do so up and downloading from my phone. Another issue I wish we had a better answer to is better drivers for NVIDIA video cards (I know they are always changing). I will there was a unified place for media drivers. I have seen several pages from opensuse for different packman repos, one-click install multimedia drivers, and a couple of other pages to fluendo drivers. Very confusing. Then there are well meaning people who have the 10 tweaks for Tumbleweed or Leap. Keep up the good work everyone. Eventually we will get it straightened out!!!

Opened bug 987802.


I know hte thread is old, but I did a simple workaround:
Just enable network sharing on you phone (as if you would use it as a hotspot via bluetooth). Now you have an IP stackc witih your bluetooth connection and KDEConnect works.
If you KDE has wifi, just make sure you are using wifi first for default route

In bug 330536 Albert Vaca says:

There is a “bluetooth” branch in git developed by Saikrishna Arcot with this kind of link implemented. I had to adapt it to the current kdeconnect API but it should work. I haven’t been able to test it myself because I think my computer bluetooth is not properly set up, but you might want to give it a try and provide feedback. It would be nice if you can try it connecting two PCs between them and two phones between them so we can know any platform-specific issues.

Is there an easy way to test this branch on openSUSE?
I mean… maybe someone already compiled this branch of kdeconnect and has a package available?

I fear that without testing this branch will never be merged in.

Thank you in advance.