What's the purpose of vmware-guestd?


I’ve installed openSUSE 11.0 into my VirtualBox. When booting openSUSE there’s always a service called vmware-guestd trying to start itself. But it always aborts with the message, that it can only work if the OS is run inside a virtual machine.

I don’t know if this daemon was added by the installer because it detected that I’ve been installing it into a virtual machine or if it belongs to the default configuration.

But what exactly is its purpose? At the moment I think it’s something like VirtualBox’s Guest Additions, but for VMWare.
And is there a way to uninstall it (I have no experience with SUSE yet)?

Greetings Stuart

Nobody knows what this service is used for?

AFAIK it is the “VMWare tools”.


I suspect you somehow installed the open-vm-tools package in your virtual machine. Run YaST Software Management (in the machine) to check; in the search dialog, click on the Description and Provides boxes along with Name and Summary, enter “vmware” in the search box, and you’ll find all the vmware related software included in openSUSE.

Same thing, a SUSE installation in VirtualBox trying to run this vmware-guestd. I went to YAST and deleted it, but it shows up anyway :\