What's the exact command for making the 10.3 x86_64 iso imag

I have a folder with the unpacked iso image for openSuse 10.3 x86_64. I need to regenerate the iso image, instead of downloading one which takes about 3 hours.

Is the following command correct for this?

mkisofs -v -V SU1030.001 -r -J -l -L -P “openSuse” -b “boot/x86_64/loader/isolinux.bin” -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -o openSUSE-10.3-GM-DVD-x86_64.iso ./SU10.3.x86_64

I get a message complaining that this isn’t an iso9660 filesystem, but an iso-8859-1 fs.

Can anyone help?

You could try using ‘isomaster’ if you have it installed - it’s in Packman.

or also in Packman ‘acetoneiso’

as for the command line code: I’m not sure. But I did read a tutorial recently. I try and look it up and come back.