What's the deal with KDE 4.2?

KDE is running strange now. I’m one of them people complaining about stability issues after updating Opensuse (which I do every couple of days).

I now get my start menu and plasma completely freezing at least twice a day. I have to click till it crashes,restart and all is good again.

did all the usual tricks; remove .kde4 and start again, and again. checked the system multiple times for dependency problems but no hope.

I keep updating Opensuse in the hope whatever happened is now fixed but nothing so far.

Is there a bug opened for this recent KDE behavior or is it just a bunch of unlucky some?

Check the .xsession-errors (hidden user file)
sometimes, if you delete the existing one - wait for the next crash, then check it when you log back in after a crash.

KDE 4.2 is very buggy indeed,i’m waiting for it in the next release of openSuSE,11.2

this will be released in the end of the summer,i guess :slight_smile:

I can also confim this. I’m a big KDE fan (bugzilla, forums, etc.) but on the last week I’ve installed XFCE, omg what a DE. :slight_smile: It’s so great and fast. I really like. Remembers me to the 3.5 KDE. :slight_smile:

I think KDE 4.2 is a dramatic improvement over 4.1 Especially dolphin, which can now almost compete with konqueror as a file manager.

And it’s pretty.

I still live in KDE3 land most of the time, though.