What's the config file name for the control panel?

I was wondering what file contained the control-panel settings? I did an “l -t” to see what had been recently modified and “less’ed” the files but couldn’t figure out which one had the config in it. I looked at all the ones that were modified in my “/home/username/.kde4/share/config” directory and didn’t see anything that fit what I might be looking for. I didn’t do a “diff” because I don’t have anything to really compare it to. I guess I could create a “test user” and see what file gets changed when I destroy or replace the control-panel.

I suspect I’ll try to do that while waiting for a response.

Thanks much.

anhydroux (Will)

Please accept my apology for posting a question that I could answer myself – if I spent another 5 minutes to figure it out. For those who might be wondering how to preserve the control panel:

Just backup your “/home/username/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc”

You will need to logout and copy your backup to the aforementioned file name, otherwise your current config will be saved when you logout and you will be right back where you were before!

The control-panels seems rather unwieldy at times when you try to change the settings. I would just get it how I wanted it and then it (meaning me) would clobber it – and had to start over again. I did have a tarball, but still didn’t know exactly what file I needed.

Again, my apologies …

anhydroux (Will)