whats the best practise of installing applications on opensuse11.4 ??

i recently installed ‘openSuSe11.4’ , an im not really able to install applications further, like i tried the latest mozilla or even opera or bittorrent for linux like apps ,
**what extension files are supported **???:sarcastic:
i was able to install VLC though , rest of them crash before finishing. . . . . . . . .!!!
can anyone pls temme whats the proper method of installing apps ??
… thank you :slight_smile:

Hi helixo, welcome to the forums

Read this as a starter:

openSUSE software installation hints

Any remaining questions after reading this are welcome.

I forgot to say: for the time being limit yourself to packages from the stable repositories.

Do not try to install the latest and greatest from anywhere else. If you do, you are looking for trouble and you will have to fix it yourself or file a bug report when you are absolutely certain that you did everything right on your side.