What's the appropriate way to disable PackageKit?

Can I just disable the systemd unit and possibly mask it? Will that interfere with other systems/dependencies?

I don’t want my system to simply go and download updates (in this case for hours), without any notification or progress update.

Sure I can follow the progress in journalctl, but that’s not really what I call a good user experience.

I want to be notified of updates, and have the choice of if/when I install them, not just have it silently do it in the background.

If notification of available updates and the choice of when to install it not possible, then I’d rather it just be manual and I’ll run zypper myself.


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I’m running GNOME, and I see in GNOME Software Automatic Updates enabled.

I have disabled this, will this prevent this occurring in future, or is something else initiating PackageKit?

Is there another way to configure Automatic Updates? I tried YaST, however PackageKit has everything locked.

I know this is an abnormally large update than usual, however I still want the option if/when to update, and progress indicators, which I would get if I run zypper manually.


You can disable the downloading of updates (with “dconf-editor”). I have not found a way to completely disable “packagekit” in Gnome. Some folk uninstall it. But then Gnome Software won’t work.

Yes, disable and mask… well look for the Mailing List notification of a new snapshot released, or check here at the forum as the same notification comes through?

Depends, in this case another glibc update was because everything rebuilt…

For Tumbleweed, the accepted method for updating is via commandline and zypper dup? Never rely on gui tools…

It’s weird, PackageKit said it was still actively downloading files, but I stopped, disabled, and masked it, ran zypper dup, and zypper didn’t download anything, said all the files were already cached… So what was PackageKit downloading…
I guess it’s possible PackageKit finished at the exact same time I stopped the service, however it’s a little suspect…

It could have… things were very slow with the update to 20210311…