Whats needed for Compiz 11.1

I have installed the plugins for compiz fusion and itself. I dont know exactly what I need to be able to start running this. I have a graphics card good enough, x1600. DO I have to get XGL or is that dead? Im using GNOME. DO I have to enable desktop effects? Because last time I did that, before installing ATI drivers, I got the white screen of death, so Im not going to try that just yet.

Hey there, look at this: Compiz Fusion - openSUSE



Just curios, when I went to desktop effects it says my hardware/configuration does not support it. Why is this?

Do I have to download XGL or is it already in the system? I have also tried simple-ccsm (i pressed alt+ctrl+f4 to get into the root, is that correct?) and nothing happened.


Im still stuck after reading the site. This is what it says when I type in the xgl-switch --enable-xgl and simple-ccsm

please someone helP!


The only thing you need to do is get the latest driver for your card
working first with 3D etc. Have you got that far yet?

Once that is done, with compiz installed you just enable the
desktop effects with simple-ccsm. No xgl switching etc is required

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I followed this step

If you want or need to use the latest and greatest ATI driver, continue  here .


  YaST -> Software -> Change installation Source -> Add

  Protocol: http
  Server Name: : www2.ati.com
  Directory on Server: suse/11.1

to add the ATI http server as additional installation source.
Now use

  YaST -> Software -> Install and Delete Software

to install the ATI/fglrx driver. Select the following packages:


Use "sax2 -r" for X.Org configuration.

It worked and insatlled the package. What does getting it to work with 3D etc mean or does that mean getting the driver installed?. SHould I be all set? when I try and enable desktop effects it says my hardware/config is not supported. Do I put simple-ccsm in ctrl+alt+f4 like the picture above??

Does the command fglrx-gears work ok?

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