What's limited about installing from LiveCD?

After two failed attempts to get the installation DVD (one direct download, one via a torrent, and both times my MD5 calculators are unable to even generate an MD5 code) I’m thinking of installing via the LiveCD, which passes the MD5.

The question is what’s missing from the LiveCD? What will I miss out on that I’ll have to fetch after installation via the online repositories? Presumably there’s nothing important missing?

not missing much important, really the cd gives you enough to get started and then you add the what you want via repositories


The other desktop environments most noticeably.

Also if you like to configure your installation instead of using the default settings… you’ll have a smaller amount of packages to pick from due to the cd-rom size constraints.

Once it’s installed you can pull whatever you’re missing from the repositories.

absolutely nothing.as said above at worst you will be missing the desktop envi., and libraries for c,c++ and the development environments which can always be downloaded from the repo at any time.