Whats happened to my theme?

I installed KNode last night from YaST. Today, after a reboot, my mouse icon has changed :mad:

Anyone know whats might have happened? The KNode download was hugh (over 250mb i think), so I’m, thinking its brought down and installed something else. Could it have changed my KDE version of something?

How can I tell what KDE version I have?

I’m running SUSE 11 by the way.

“My Computer” on your desktop shows the system info. You could also look in YasT2 Software Managememt.

That’s very strange that it changed your cursor theme. You can easily change it in your KDE personal settings (keyboard and mouse).

I just had the same problem. I am not firsttime user of linux but firsttime user of opensuse.

Knode has a lot of dependencies. Some of them seemed odd like thesaurus to openoffice, but I proceeded and accepted it.

Now the entire theme of my desktop has changed including the cursor like the original poster.