Whats going on with ATI and SUSE

Hi to all

Sorry to be a grump but i must admit that I have had just about enough of ATI. Recently, possibly due to some suse update the ATI driver failed. I then went back to vesa and loaded the 8.6 ATI driver (not from the repository). It showed that it was loaded OK and that it was operating, gxlgears showed 1100 fps, but it was acutally operating as if it had less than 200 fps.

I then reloaded the repository driver (8.4) gxlgears shows 2000 fps(approx) and all is ok. I have since turned of updates.

As much as it pains me to say it ATI is the most promising for future development and good quality graphics on linux, though they really need to take a good hard look at either their procedures or programmers.

Does anyone know how ATI and SUSE work?
should I only ever load the driver from the repository?
how about when ATI release a new tested (laugh) driver?

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gigabyte ga-ma78gm-s2h with IGA hd3200
kde 3
no desktop effects

well I also have faced some enoying problems with installing drivers for my ati radeon 2600
after downloading and installing drivers from ati.amd.com and still no funtioning videocard.
I downloaded it from Software.openSUSE.org and searched for ati driver. this automaticly installed my videodriver and since, everything works!

What exactly did you search for? I also have an ATI 2600, and can’t find…literally…anything on the suse software site. The links in the repositories are flatly incorrect. ATI changed the locations of the repositories, and no one who manages the opensuse website has managed to update the links. They may have been taken down completely, as I can’t find them on the ATI site.

Please…enlighten us.


sorry ive got it wrong:P I didnt search for it but look here: ATI - openSUSE and do the one click install:)