what's an wise way to back up

I want to back up one partiton (206G) to a portable hdd. What is a good way to do this in opensuse?

Suse has a backup manager built in, its in Yast.

Depends what you mean. Do you want to back up a data partition or an operating system? The former can be done by rsync or other forms of copying, including simple, straightforward copying or tar copying (compression). The latter might better be done by imaging with e.g. GParted wiill make a faithful copy (if you don’t need compression) and PartImage will image a compressed image of the partition, sort of a Linux Ghost clone.

So it depends a bit what you mean by “backup”.

If I boot from gparted cd, back up that partition (not a system) and choose no compression, will it create a single file(things like .gho etc.) or an exact shadow of that partition on the destination disk?

GParted will create an exact copy, there is no compression in GParted IIRC. If you want a compressed single file (like.gho), you can use partimage and you get a file like this: name.partimg.gz

there’s a issue report on Gparted IIRC,

I’m going to try rsync.

Fine for rsynch, good choice.

Regarding the issue with GParted in pclinuxos – It looks more like a a case of newbie fingers to me.

A nice front end to rsync is luckybackup

luckyBackup - backup and sync utility