Whats a recomended sound card?

Need a sound card and figure ask whats working :slight_smile:
Im 11.2 / 64 that is

HCL/Sound Cards - openSUSE

You’ll not find 11.2 listed yet but honestly you’ll find if they worked with older versions, they’ll still work.

yeah see that, but most are not in production anymore lol…

Perhaps look here:
Hardware for Linux - Home

But wait on this thread as others will respond who have new hardware. My sound card is 8yrs old:)

i have good luck with the cheapest soundcard from
sweex sc011, google for it, only $10 worked out-of-the-box
on 64bits opensuse linux 11.2. hope this helps.

Creative X-Fi or Audigy 1/2, mainly because those have support for hardware mixing under Linux and thus require no trickery or PulseAudio for multi-application sound output at the same time.

Some people are having some success with the asus xonar cards. I personally am not a big fan of Creative but those X-fi cards are supported under OpenSolaris which is nice if you ever want to try a different operating system.

It also comes down to your sound system, do you have a basic 2.1 computer system or a full blown 7.1 or greater system? Generally I would suggest saving money on the sound card and investing in good speakers. For instance you can buy a expensive sound card and it will sound like **** depending on your speakers. Also do you plan on improving your sound system such as needing spdif, or hdmi output then you might want to make sure the card has the features you need.

If you have a newer ATI, or Nvidia graphics card they support hdmi sound output if you have a avr that can accept that format. Ebay is a good source for sound cards for a low price if you wait for the good deals. Just do a basic Google search and check the alsa-project site to make sure the chipset is supported.