What your distro says about you

A fellow evil Ubuntu cultist Legendary Bibo has made a comic commenting on the various users of linux distros, Gentoo, Arch, The mighty godlike Suse, Puppy, satans OS Ubuntu, Fedora and windows.
All seem accurate except the one on suse

I am not sure on suse, but most of it is scarily accurate.

His blog:


Could that mean that it accurately illustrates your prejudices about other distros but you don’t recognise other people’s prejudices about openSUSE?:slight_smile:

Actually being involved with most of those communities it does feel like its true sometimes

Oh dear, I think I have multiple personality disorder. I play with all of them, except the eejit one. lol!

Ok, so EMO types use SUSE? As an Opensuse user I categorically deny that!
Now I have to go cry!lol!

they just don’t understand us opensuse users!

So I hate myself(SuSE), my Grandmother (Ubuntu) and since I hate myself it means I hate “Cool People” (Fedora)

Or to combine them, I hate “Cool” grandmothers? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s all really depressing. :expressionless:

I hear that on the ubuntu board a lot of times, that suse is supposedly more buggy than ubuntu.
So far i had no problem with suse. No fail at all.
But since it is a comic, i can laugh about it.lol!

I personally like Suse more than Ubuntu since it works out of the box perfectly (for me). Perhaps Mint might be an option, but i would consider Fedora over it.

Do people hate us because we are using Suse?:\

Thats funny, especially the “eeediiot” can just see Ren of Ren & Stimpy but the SuSE thing I don’t get is that how we are perceived by our peers?

I just find that really upsetting guess it’s time for my meds before I find a big bowl of chicken soup and drown myself bye for now.


I think there is room for openSUSE users to work towards improving the perception of the distro and its users.

It got a little marred with the Novell-Microsoft deal and most people are finally getting over it (though with plenty of stragglers), plus the distrust for Novell’s other popular open-source project --Mono.

The only complaints I hear from anybody about openSUSE usually comes down to not what openSUSE has done but what Novell has done. People cannot seem to separate the two.

So, does openSUSE have to profess their separation from Novell? Naw, just make sure it isn’t “in your face” by not even talking about Novell when talking about openSUSE.

What else?

I think openSUSE has a lot of potential energy, but isn’t sure the direction to apply it in a way that people can see the “vision”. Ubuntu and Fedora can be “categorized” (as newbie/consumer and testbed/developer respectively) but what is openSUSE’s “niche”? Who is openSUSE’s “target user”?

The biggest benefits of openSUSE over other distributions I hear about is openSUSE’s KDE integration/implenentation/involvement and Yast, otherwise silence (except for Novell’s Mono and Evolution work).

The openSUSE Studio and Build Service are fantastic tools, but I’m not sure people know just how to use it, or how it benefits them. (I’m still trying to fully understand how to personally benefit from them!) Plus, it looks more like an offering from Novell, not the openSUSE community.

I never quite understood the controversy over mono.
To me it seems that it actually can potentially put linux in a driver seat instead of a backseat in regards of interacting with the windows world.

Novell i know from long time ago as they had their Netware software which ran pretty much everywhere where networking was a need.
Novell is not Microsoft and i think it benefits Suse to a degree.

Linux development has to be funded somehow and it is always wiser to use a distro which has the funds and the continuation to exist.
Most smaller distros are promising, but look dim if looked how the future might looks.

One thing i might through in in regards to novell is that programs like Fspot are not heavily focused on quickness which is sad. The program is not bad, but so slow that it is a drag to use.
I wished that novell would guide development to a certain degree in that regard. Or perhaps i miss something. Well, just my take anyway.

I am happy OpenSuse User and will stay with it regardless what people say :slight_smile:

Wow, I’ve been using openSUSE for less than two weeks and I’m EMO!? openSuse works for me, that’s all that really matters. It’s peppy and I like it so I’m not going to go cut myself or anything!

Seriously, is suse known for having lots of bugs?

I have always been happy with it. Though I accepted some bugs because I was using the 64 bit version.