what would you say you can do on linux, that you can't on windows or mac?

Just out of curiosity, what do you guys find you can do on a linux machine, that you have yet to find possible on a windows or mac machine? why do you use linux instead of either of those OSes?

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first of all simple things:

  1. keeping my whole system up to date. Not just the operating system itself, but also the applications. I for sure would forget some apps and I don´t know if this is dangerous or not

  2. getting my webcam to work. I have thrown away the driver CD because I don´t need it for openSUSE

  3. getting my USB 3.0 to work. Same reason as #2

  4. setting up Internetradio. Seriously, I really do not know which program or application for Windows can do Internetradio like Amarok or Rhythmbox. And I don´t know how to set it up.

  5. working with my pictures. If I had no Linux, I would not know the Gimp. So I would not know which Application can do picture work

more sophisticated:

  1. getting my network printer to work. I have no clue how to do that in Windows

  2. setting up my SSH Server so that my friends from the other side of the world can access it and down- and upload files, like pictures and stuff. I have no trace of a clue how to do that in Windows.

so as the most points under “simple” require searching for them on Google, I would say that they are solvable. But: why? Why should I invest my time in that? I know nothing about how to set things in Windows. And I have no reason to learn it. At work I call the IT guys to fix things and at home I don´t need it.

the things under “sophisticated” would stay a dream under Windows, I guess.

The same goes for a Mac. My sister has one and I fiddled around with it some time. I think I would make it with a Mac too, because there are similarities to Gnome somehow. But my “sophisticated” points would also stay a dream with a Mac, I guess.

Understand how things work and when they don’t, how to fix it.

Have peace of mind.

Save money.

The lot. I haven’t even tried on Windows or Mac. Why should I?

On 05/04/2011 03:36 PM, thestig wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, what do you guys find you can do on a linux
> machine, that you have yet to find possible on a windows or mac
> machine? why do you use linux instead of either of those OSes?

everything i can do in Linux, i can do without putting any money into
the pockets of Bill Gates, Steve Balmer, Steve Jobs or any of the other
b/millionaires in their employ (including tons of lawyers hired to
protect their revenue stream)–what more do you need to know?

ok, so you want more:

everything i do in Linux i have the freedom to make choices in layout,
style, themes, colors and etc…

everything i do in Linux i most often have several different ways to
accomplish the same task…a freedom not always (or often) available to
the users of proprietary software…

everything i do in Linux is without paying money to anyone (i do
contribute both time and money–and, so should all who can…but those
who can not should have full access despite their economical
situation…and, that access should not require
stealing/“borrowing”/“sharing”/etc or cracking software

most everything i do in Linux i can actually track down and make a
direct input to the maker…

all of the above are some of the things i have yet to find possible on a
windows or mac machine, below are things i have yet to find possible
on a windows machine:

everything i do in Linux i do without fear of the millions of windows
viruses, worms, keyloggers and and other malware invading my machine…

CAVEAT: http://is.gd/bpoMD
[openSUSE 11.3 + KDE 4.5.5 + Firefox 3.6.17 + Thunderbird 3.1.10 via NNTP]
HACK Everything → http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5b4CCe9pS8&NR=1

thanks guys :slight_smile:

Understand what is happening, not worry (too much) about what the OS is doing out of my sight…

Also having full control of the system, no ET-phone-home stuff.

This summarizes it: have fun, do work, learn new things, feel free to do what I want, without being confronted even once with a “we want your money” statement.

On 05/04/2011 10:36 PM, Knurpht wrote:
> without being confronted even once with a “we want your
> money” statement.

wait a second: i want your money!

you can deposit it directly to my account:

Bank of the West <http://www.bankofthewest.com/>
acct #: 4573-66578-36482

oh, i guess you will need this:

log in ID: DenverD3792
pass: GD.vAm#2x-kEb*4 (i like STRONG passwords)

just deposit all your money, honey!

CAVEAT: http://is.gd/bpoMD
[openSUSE11.3 + KDE4.5.5 + Firefox3.6.17 + Thunderbird3.1.10 via NNTP]
HACK Everything → http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5b4CCe9pS8&NR=1

Mm… everyone already posted so many things. There is almost nothing i can add.
Wait, you can not use the terminal the same way you do in Linux. Its just more flexible.

for me it is not about the money. I have already donated over $400 to opensource projects this year: Gimp, KDE and Digikam. I rather spend money on free software than on Windows or Mac stuff.

And I also would pay maybe double the price of Windows for openSUSE. This would be a steal anyways, as openSUSE is worth much more than that, in terms of serving my needs.

I have an additional point, why I use Linux:


I could use several desktop environments if I wanted to. I even could mix 2 or 3 of them. I could make KDE look like Gnome. I could (with the old Gnome 2) make Gnome look like KDE.

I could use several Linux Distros if I wanted to. Not just one. And I do it.

being part of it

I could work on the development of the system and of the software I like.

so summary: I use it because it is way cooler than the other OS´es :smiley:

It is great to not have to worry about whether I may or may not install this CD/DVD on some older machine as well, or in a VM, or twice even on the same machine.

It is also great to be able to swap out a MoBo from under a running system, and not have to worry about any licensing stuff.

Feel at home and enjoy life.
I can’t get with windows

I can’t comment on Mac machines, due to a lack of recent experience. Since there’s unix underneath the Mac, I would guess that most could be done.

Compared to Windows:

The greater functionality at the command line.

Shell scripting. Yes, unix shells have been ported to Windows, but you can’t rely on them working on systems that don’t have specially installed software.

You can update software without having to reboot.

I remember back when I was using latex in Windows. Once I moved to linux, it all worked far more smoothly.

Copy/paste without having to go into edit menus or Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V.

The man pages.

Multiple desktops. I guess that’s probably available in Windows, with suitable installed software, but it comes automatically with linux.

The available software repositories - they are one of the treasures of linux.

The ease of managing a network of computers via the command line (and using ssh).

One thing I like in Linux over the others is customization, its pretty impossible to personalize OSX and Windows without a third party application.

Yes I can.

From a useability perspective, - in Windows (7), (unless you disable aero and use basic themes), you can have any color for the explorer background you want, as long as it’s blinding white. For someone with a visual impairment, this is a major drawback. It takes having to use 3rd party addons to actually change the windows explorer background colour.

Within Linux you’re free to adjust according to your preferences and abilities.

In terms of data synchronisation, nothing comes close to rsync, or it’s frontend, grsync, which is great for syncing backing up data at speed.

Having said this, each platform has it’s pluses and minuses, use the tool that fits the job. I don’t subscribe to the xenophobic mentality that occasionally rears its head whenever someone mentions that they use more than just Linux.

I feel freer…
I don’t do nothing special but it’s nicer, and sometime a bit more complicated, on linux.

The most important things for me compared to Windows (You can probably do almost the same things with OSX):

  • use rsync comfortably and feel safe about my backups
  • use it as a fully fledged free cisco router alternative (with vyatta)
  • set up vlan tagging on a network interface with ease

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