What will happen if you install 32-bit files on to 64-bit?

I`m using suse11.1 64-bit and if I install few 32-bit software what will happen?

The world will explode!:slight_smile:

We have to put this in to some kind of context. Certain applications may not be available in _64 and even a fresh _64 install may contain non_64 packages. Search for the Package in Software Management and see what is listed. noarch is the more likely the installed version on a _64 machine where no _64 is available.

Thanks so I don`t have to worry about that;)

Well. Yes and No.
Generally speaking your Package Manager will take care of installing the correct packages for your system and to meet any dependencies. But there are always some who manage to do what to most of us would seem impossible - and completely mess up their install with a whole mess of conflicting packages and arch’s.

Could you please tell me how do I know about my Package Manager:\

Well in openSUSE, unless you have installed a 3rd party application. You will likely be using Yast - Software Management/ Online Update…etc…
Which uses zypper.
You can use zypper without the Yast UI, from a terminal eg: refresh and update with:
zypper ref
zypper up

or installing a package with eg:
zypper in flash-player