What web browser do you use?

everyone uses a particular web browser and all have advantages and disadvantages.

I tried several out and still, i don’t have one i prefer over another.
But i am close to call Konqueror my favorite one and more recentley i gave even Arora a shot. So far, it works better then Konqueror.
Firefox is great, but i don’t like the design that much and how it integrates with my desktop.
Anyway, whats your favorite one.
Perhaps write why you use it, what makes it stick out over all the other ones out there.

This can be a great learning experience for everyone. :slight_smile:

I mainly use Firefox however I am really enjoying Konqueror lately.

I have three favorite web browsers, depending on what I am doing.
I use mainly firefox but sometimes it does not work well. In this cases I like Konqueror. If the problem is a flash plugin or I want to take advantage of the fast click panels of Opera, then I use the latter. I liked Chromium too, but it was not really updated available for 11.1 (which is still alive and kicking) and compiling it appeared to me too much effort (since I have 3 well working alternatives). Firefox, Opera and Chromium are quite close now from a functionality point of view.

My favourite browsers are :

  1. Firefox
  2. Opera
  3. Konqueror (webkit)

Most of the time I use FF :slight_smile:

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Firefox of course!!!;):slight_smile:

Ah and by the way, thanks for the instructive poll, I was not aware of Arora at all. Nice.

why is Rekonq not included?

I mainly use Firefox and sometimes Konqueror. Arora, Epiphany, Rekonq are probably ok too. Opera and Chrome/Chromium just suck.

Browsers … Hmmm, could I please have a whole new set of webdesigners?

My favorite browser falls under other.

I use SeaMonkey, but also have Firefox and Chromium installed.

The email client in SeaMonkey still does all the functions that Thunderbird users are complaining about it not doing. As in opening to the Inbox every time without having to install an extension.

Mostly firefox < 99%.

Fall back to konqueror if firefox does not give me what is expected.

I have to admit that i indeed forgot some browsers. But i think that those i mentioned are the main browsers most people use.
And of course there is the ‘other’ choice.

Thats why, mention which one you use.
There are so many browsers, one will forget one or two for sure.

I still like firefox, but i am now married to Arora. Simply because its fast and not proprietary.

In regards to rekonq, my apologys. Wasn’t in the list and i did not hear of it. Have to check it. :slight_smile:

Mostly firefox here. I occasionally use opera when I want to try something with a different browser.

I have tried Konqueror. I usually test it by playing sudoku. And every time, it has crashed before I could finish the game. That looks pretty buggy to me, so I wouldn’t try it with anything important. (I was using “http://www.suntimes.com/entertainment/sudoku/” at the medium difficulty level, for those who want to try repeating this).

Are You using khtml or webkit with Konqueror ? For me it crashes a lot while using khtml but is much more stable when using webkit.

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I seem to be using KHMTL. I did not know that it was switchable. How do I change to webkit?

For a quick switch, when viewing a Webpage:
Menu: ‘View’ > ‘View Mode’

To change the default:
Menu: ‘Settings’ > ‘Configure Konqueror …’ > ‘General’ > ‘Default Web Browser Engine’

If there is no WebKit to switch to you probably need to install something.

Quick switch with the “View” menu works, except that it seems I have to do that for each page.

I could not find the settings under that general tab. The only settings there were for home page and tabbing (and what to show when starting konqueror).

I see. In Konqueror on KDE 4.6.0 it is there definitely. Although, when I check on my second machine that has KDE 4.4.4 there is indeed no such option. :frowning:

Thanks for checking. And yes, I’m using KDE 4.4.4

Arora and Rekonq use Webkit though.

I use Konqueror with KHTML. When websites turn strange I change into Webkit which seems to be more conform.
However, I can not say I agree with KHTML being more prone to crash than Webkit.