What USB Bluetooth Adapter

My PC doesn’t have bluetooth. I want to play my masses of music on my HD via Amarok to my Panasonic Micro HiFi Unit equipped with bluetooth. I presume I need an USB Bluetooth Adapter fitted to my PC, to enable me to do that. Most adapters I’ve seen say they are compatible with Windows. But will they also be compatible with openSUSE 13.2? Will any USB Bluetooth Adapter work? Does anybody have any specific recommendations, and why?

I have had good results with a Plugable Bluetooth adapter, described at http://plugable.com/products/usb-bt4le. They specifically mention Linux compatibility. I have used it on openSUSE KDE 32-bit versions 12.3, 13.1, and 13.2. (13.1 initially needed some tweaking as described in https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/492282-13-1-32-bit-bluetooth-headphones-pair-but-not-connect-work-on-12-3, but all this seems sorted in 13.2 using the KDE Extras repository.)

When I first plugged in the adapter on a 13.2 machine, the bluetooth icon appeared in the task bar. Clicking the icon then Configure Bluetooth showed a warning that the device was not visible, with a Fix It button. That did. I put a check beside Discoverable in the icon pop-up menu. Clicking Add Device found my headphones and paired them. I used pavucontrol to direct sound to the bluetooth headphones. Working now.

OK. I eventually got around to buying this Plugable USB dongle. I plug it into the USB. Bluetooth comes to life. The blue light on the front of the dongle flashes on/off. I do a search for a device. It only finds my tv, but not my Pioneer Music Player, which is turned on. What to do now?

OK Wait for an update before replying.

OK. It found only 2 devices my TV and my BT Headphones. It hasn’t found my Pioneer Music Center even though I have set it to Scanning. And it seems I cannot add any more than 2 devices to the BT on my laptop :frowning: Is this normal?

OK. The headphones were actually the Pioneer. Go figure. I’ve managed to trust and verify that device on my PC. But still nothing coming out of the Music Player. The Music Player is recognizing the Linux PC also.

Amarok is playing the track on the PC. But no sound on the Music Player.

Device Notifier is not recognizing the Plugable Adapter is in the USB.

OK. Now got it working by changing the preferred play output in Amarok to device :slight_smile: Easy Peasy :slight_smile: