What todo to make our project not a "Exclude user's home projects"

Our project lives under /opt
Is this the reason why it has become a “user’s home project” ?

What can I do to make our project appear on “search software” without checking “show user’s home project” ?

Every home:XXX project, as its name suggest, is a home project.

If you want your package to be shown in searches that don’t search in home projects… you have to move it to a non-home project: “osc submitreq home:pvbrowser pvbrowser <project where you think your package best matches>”

Up to now I have only used the web interface of OBS.
Can I submit such a request from there ?
I did not find anything on the webpage.

I don’t think so.

I do not want additional administrative workload for us.
For now I simply put this link on our homepage.


Thus our users will find our packages even if they do not uncheck the “Exclude home projects”.

It would be fine, if the opensuse homepage would search the home projects also if a package can’t be found in the other repos. I think the current default setting under “search software” is inconvenient.