What to use in Gnome instead of Kinternet

I used to use Kinternet to turn my modem on and off in KDE4.

Now I’ve switched to Gnome.

I can still configure the modem with the Yast modem tool. But I rather like the idea of an icon to connect and disconnect the modem in Gnome just as I did in KDE. So what would I use in Gnome instead of the Kinternet tool I had in KDE?


This is kind of a bump

Where I’m at: I’ve configured the broadband wireless modem in Yast → Network devices → modem.

I see the configfile in ifcfg-modem0 at /etc/sysconfig/network

OK how do I tell the modem to connect in Gnome (I used to use kinternet, what do I do without kinternet)?


OK I then ran this as root:

 ifup modem0

and it connected to the internet.

BUT I want some GUI icon thing that shows me whether I’m connected and that I can connect and disconnect by GUI – is that possible in Gnome?

When I was installing a gnome desktop for my friend, I had the same problem with modem control.
I use only KDE so I had no idea where to find such thing for gnome.
He just needed a connect/disconnect icon so I installed kinternet,
enabled user control in yast and it worked fine.
It is set to run at startup and just sits in the tray, same as KDE.

Hi swerdna,

Is NetworkManager what you’re looking for?

I think this is referring to the same thing in the openSUSE manual located here
on my system, so probably the same for yours.

Not sure if this will help as I’ve never used KDE or NetworkManager. :slight_smile:

So you betrayed us? Very nice of you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I tried that and it worked.

Hi and thanks for that. I and tried that and couldn’t get it to work, despite it mentions broadband wireless.

I just got so sick of the KDE apps not working properly. I know we have to go through the development phase for KDE4 – and I’m really cool with that. I just felt like 6 months with things that “just work”. Hence Gnome – it’s a great Desktop I find.

For example it’s so great to dld something and R-click in Nautilus and select “extract here” – Just like the old days of KDE3 – and so on for dozens of little things I was used to.

And I so like being able to click an icon and not getting a bouncing icon for 30 seconds while it fails, and then doing it again with my fingers crossed, hoping for a Konsole or whatever.

KDE4 will get there in another year I think. By then I’ll be well and truly ambidextrous (so to speak).