What to do with Retracted Installef packages?

Today I wanted to install some packages using Yast, clicked “Software”, and, after system scanned installed packages, I got list of some kernel packages that are installed but retracted. What to do with them? They are: “kernel-default - The Standard Kernel”, “kernel-default-extra - The Standard Kernel - Unsupported kernel modules” Aand “kernel-default-optional - The Standard Kernel - Optional kernel modules”.

What to do? Delete it? I m running Leap 15.3

Thank you for answering my questions.


Delete it?

It is up to you. This kernel was removed because it caused issues for some users (hardware dependent). You are either using this kernel and do not have any problems or you are not using this kernel anyway. In both cases there is no pressing need to do anything.

Some usefull background info:

And regarding the affected kernel:

I tried to remove the retracted packages from a system where id not not use it (I reverted to an older kernel because this system was hit by the problems mentioned), but run into problems. I think it is better to wait for the next kernel update (it is already there), and then until it is removed from your system by the normal procedure (that only keeps a limited number of kernels).

Thank you all, guys! Your answers are more than useful! I will not do anything.