What temp should my Hard drives be?

I just downloaded hddtemp and ran it and got:

/dev/sda: 43°C
/dev/sdb: 48°C

Is this bad/ok?

That looks a bit high to me but it is in working temp. You might consider more case air flow ie more fans and make sure cables are not blocking air flow around the drives.

That’s about the same temp as my notebooks C2D processor. Hmm, assume you have a desktop pc? Maybe it should be a bit cooler. I expect sdb is on top of sda, right?

Just to test, I’ve had the side wall of the computer completely off (so it’s open to the room). The room is 23.3C. After 35 minutes of this the HDs’ temps went up!

/dev/sda: 45°C
/dev/sdb: 49°C

impressive, you’re 100% correct. :slight_smile:

:smiley: Probably because you screwed up the air flow from the cooling fan(s).

“Elementary”… Hot air rises, so the the upper one should always be warmer, unless it has its own cooling system.

If you have the space allow some additional space between drives. This is purely an air flow problem and some cases are better then others. Also as good practice tie up you internal cabling with straps and try to route them to allow max flow around all components. You may also consider an additional case fan or two. There are also heat sinks that can be purchased that help cool components like drives and memory. Then there is always water cooling. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t move the wide gray cables. They barely fit the HD’s as it is (their length is ridiculously short and I barely got two HD’s on there, with one at the end of the cable). How much is an extra case fan and where would I put it?

6tr6tr wrote:
> /DEV/SDA: 43°C
> /DEV/SDB: 48°C


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Depends on the case and the size of the fan. Just guessing under $20. You might look into getting a longer rounded cabling solution. There are plenty of places on the web or even local stores in most places that can help. I usually buy from Tigerdirect.

Thanks. I’m not sure what to search for. I have a PATA HD. I tried to find PATA cables but all I find are the normal wide gray ones. Any ideas?

I might be wrong, but below 50°C sounds perfectly okay to me. My HDs usually show 40°C, but concerning methods of metering temperatures I am a little sceptical anyway; it seems like every MoBo uses different points to check them.

Are you getting any temp sensor readings on your processor (is it your 32bit AMD Sempron™ Processor 3100+ ?), and mobo, if so what temp and how obtained?

I have same (64bit), and two HD’s 1xSATA and 1xPATA, one above the other in desktop PC, but don’t know the operating temp of the HDs, perhaps I should install what you did and then we can compare notes. Let’s try and get the complete picture.

Personally I would hesitate to mess with the working wide gray ribbon cables at this stage, even though @gogalthorp’s advice is good/correct. There is the risk of causing another problem. :wink:

I am inclined to agree with this statement. My Sempron runs at around 28-30°C (ambient at 20°C). The mobo not greatly different. Bear in mind laptops/notebooks tend to run at least +10-15 warmer than that.

CPU is 40C.

The only reason I’m concerned, is I recently had a HD die on me so I want to be sure my new one does not die as well.

What sensor? e.g. “k8temp” that picks up the core temp from a sensor on the processor, or are we looking at a mobo sensor placed near the processor (not as realistic)? Was the case panel open (fan blowing air into the room) or closed (cooling the cpu)?

Is it the original AMD processor fan, and when was it last cleaned?

The temp for CPU is simply from “sysinfo:”.

As in My Computer, doesn’t on my notebook or my box. Could it be new with KDE 4.5?

What result do you get from this terminal command as ordinary user?

cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/TZ00/temperature

I would check the manufacturers spec… I would look at adding another
fan in, there again it all depends on your case, don’t want to
pressurize it with too many fans blowing and not enough sucking…

I have three WD 500GB drives one drive and a spare slot between each
one, they run around 32C with ambient around 22C.

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