What 'system' do I have?

I recently installed a software package that I want to run automatically when the opensuse 13.2 boots. In the applications installation instructions, it specified a number of different startup steps/configurations, depending on what ‘system’ I have (the choices are: non-SysV, systemd, SysV).

  1. How do I know what ‘system’ I am running in opensuse 13.2? (is there a default?)
  2. What are pros/cons of the systems? and can it be changed in 13.2?

Thanks for your help

With 13.2, you are using “systemd”.

As nrickert already mentioned, it’s systemd, but in general you can check PID 1…

# ps -p1
  PID TTY          TIME CMD
    1 ?        00:00:02 systemd

Yep, got it…tyvm