what software to mount Linux to Windows PC?

Does anyone know if the Interdrive software from NetManage will allow me to mount a shared network drive from OpenSUSE 11 to a Windows PC? So that if I’m sitting at the Windows PC, I just click on a network drive, say drive N, and that’s equivalent to let’s say, /home/data, located on the openSUSE 11.

(Please note that I don’t want it the other way around. I don’t want to mount a directory residing on the Windows XP, to be mapped as an NFS mount point on the openSUSE side)

If not, then, is there any freeware out there that will allow me to map a network drive residing on the OpenSUSE system, to a mapped drive on Windows XP?

The software you’re looking for is called Samba. It should be available via the openSUSE repositories.


You can set Samba up so a directory like /home/data or /home/yourname/data (whatever) appears in windows network browser as “any_name_you_like” and you can do “Map Network Drive” from windows just as if the Suse box was a windows box.