What repo may I find openbox and related tools for 11.1?

Title says it all. (Related tools being, obconf, obmenu, nitrogen, visibility or tint, pypanel, etc… ) I’m a big fan of the *boxes WM’s and remember having it the last time I used OpenSuse back at version 10.0 I believe, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Any help is appreciated.

btw I’m using 64 bit.

Have you tried the version for OpenSuse 11? probably it works. You can find it with RPM Search

I would rather something a bit more official and secure. If there’s no opensuse (or at least packman or other trusted community repository) repo, I’d opt to build from source. Openbox is pretty heavily used and I’m just kind of shocked that it was once available but is no more and thought I may be overlooking something.

I’m still all ears for other suggestions but it looks like i’ll be building from source.

Doesn’t seem to be done yet but there is a version for 11.0 here