What packages/repos do you want to see pulled into Tumbleweed?

Hi all,

I’m the one in charge of the openSUSE:Tumbleweed repo and I thought I would ask
everyone here the following question I have asked others:

What packages/repos do you want to see added to Tumbleweed?

I’d like to know what repos you currently have added to your system that you
use to keep up to date with so I can add them to Tumbleweed to make things
easier for you and everyone else.

Oh, and yes, I know about the latest KDE and Gnome releases, I’m working on
them right now. See the openSUSE:Tumbleweed:KDE and openSUSE:Tumbleweed:GNOME
repos for the test experiments (use at your own risk!) for how they are
progressing. Give them a few more weeks before they are merged into the main
Tumbleweed repo for all to use.


greg k-h

If the xorg | x11 factory repos indicates a stable updated mesa/xorg-x11 is available, I would be interested in seeing that migrate to tumbleweed, … but because it can be very impactive if not stable, and so I think ultra conservatism would be needed in any such selection. Together with this would be the latest open source Intel graphic drivers and radeon drivers that might only work with a kernel version that tumbleweed would have.

Stable updates to the alsa driver would also be of interest, especially any user space alsa apps that might go hand-in-hand with the alsa updates that are in any tumbleweed kernel update.

Of course my reply is a bit biased as I spend most of my volunteer time trying to help openSUSE users with sound and with graphics.

Yes, I’ve looked into doing this for the xorg stuff, it’s a bit trickier, but we
are working on it. There’s a xorg-video driver update in
openSUSE:Tumbleweed:Testing that is being evaluated right now.

Mesa might get the update by default as GNOME 3.0 needs it, so it might show up
sooner than we anticipated.

ALSA is already in Tumbleweed, you should have seen an update of it sometime
last week.


greg k-h


I would like to see productivity applications which aren’t aligned to a particular desktop environment e.g. GIMP, Inkscape and Scribus. I think you might already have LibreOffice covered.

A current version of database servers e.g. PostgreSQL and MySQL would also be useful - along with their associated administration tools both desktop and Web-based e.g. pgAdmin3/phpPgAdmin and the MySQL equivalents.

Neil Darlow

On 04/14/2011 08:36 PM, gregkh wrote:
> I’m the one in charge of the openSUSE:Tumbleweed repo

-=welcome=- new poster :wink:

thanks for dropping in, you are always welcome…

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Yes, LibreOffice is already in Tumbleweed.

As for GIMP and Inkscape, they don’t have new updates in their base
repositories yet, so there is nothing to update to. I’ll watch them though and
if they do update I’ll add them.

Scribus is already updated in openSUSE:11.4:Update, and there is no newer
version yet either, so I’ll add it to my “watch for updates” list as well.

This gets a bit messier as both of them do have pretty hard ties to other
packages in places. It would be a big library update if I were to upgrade
them, so that might be better left to the “larger” main openSUSE release cycle.

Unless there are specific reasons for updating these packages that people have
and could help out in testing of them?


greg k-h

That would be great, as both the open source radeon and intel drivers are in the xorg-x11-driver-video rpm. This could be a bit tricky as I think one would need to track what custom patches the 11.4 build already has for the xorg-x11-driver-video rpm, to ensure they are not lost in any tumbleweed updated packaging.

I suppose one could also consider tumbleweed updates to the nouveau graphic driver via the xorg-x11-driver-nouveau rpm, although I think that might be particularly difficult, as I don’t think the nouveau driver developers have a clear cut versioning demarcation in place to the same extent that the radeon and intel driver developers have (?) < not sure >

I would like the whole opensuse-11.4-update repository copied into tumbleweed.

If I upgrade my system now, I have to
zypper up -r update
zypper dup -r tumbleweed
zypper dup -r packman
zypper dup -r kde46

Which is a bit more complicated as just
zypper dup
as it should be using prioritized tumbleweed repos. You need to use “dup” for possible new packages in tumbleweed. But because of bad build numbers this is not so easy …

I would like for the build service to create repos for Tumbleweed when it creates them for the other “distibutions” (assuming that’s how it works). I guess I’m saying if Tumbleweed is a “distribution” like Factory and Stable then wouldn’t it be less confusing if it was structured like them?

repos to include: contrib, kde extra, kde playground, recoll, vdpau, Mozilla, Wine

Ick, no, don’t do all of that, just do a
zypper dup

and you should be fine. We don’t put the update repos in tumbleweed, as
they are not needed.

I’m working on adding the kde46 repo into tumbleweed, so you can remove
that one soon. Test builds are at openSUSE:Tumbleweed:KDE if you want
to try it out now.

If a simple ‘dup’ doesn’t work for you, please let me know through
email as to the details, and I will be glad to work it out for


greg k-h

It does that already today if the repo owner selects Tumbleweed as a
build repo. It shows up on the main repo selection web page so it’s
trivial to add it. Just bug them and they will.

It’s an add-on repo, that shouldn’t be that confusing, right?

contrib can add Tumbleweed as a build repo. I can’t add those packages to
Tumbleweed due to the restrictions on it (i.e. the packages have to be in
FACTORY first.)

KDE I’m working on as already described.

Mozilla doesn’t matter yet as there aren’t newer stable versions that
aren’t already in the update channel. Once there are, it will be added.

What is “recoll”, “vdpau”?

Wine might be interesting, what repo and packages should I include?


greg k-h

recoll is a desktop indexing and search tool (qt and xapian based) Index of /repositories/home:/dockes/openSUSE_11.4
vdpau is the Nvidia api for Video Decode and Presentation and does not appear to be kernel specific Index of /repositories/X11:/Drivers:/Video
wine Index of /repositories/Emulators:/Wine, for 64bit to run 32bit windows apps you need wine and wine-32bit (as best as I can tell) and for 64bit just wine. there’s also snapshots but they aren’t considered stable/

when you said KDE you didn’t mention playground so I did

It’s an add-on repo, that shouldn’t be that confusing, right?
actually it is (and yes I can be dense), what I can’t seem to fully understand is that it seems you start with 11.4 (or 12.1 …) and you keep the 11.4 core until you do an actual upgrade to a newer version. So in affect there will be parts of 11.4 that you carry infinitum and because of this won’t there be maybe some things that don’t get updated (specifically those things new to the newer release)? Or do you change your oss and non-oss repos to 12.1 when it comes out, but then aren’t you doing an upgrade? Or at some point are all these newer versions added to the Tumbleweed repo? And what happens at eol of 11.4 (which is way in future)?

I can’t add this package as it is not part of FACTORY, which is one of the requirements
to add packages to Tumbleweed, sorry.

As this does nothing for the non-closed-source kernel driver users, it doesn’t make sense to use it.
If you are using the closed source nvidia driver with Tumbleweed, you are on your own, sorry, I can’t
support that due to the legal, and moral, issues involved.

Yeah, the Stable wine repo is older than the one in openSUSE:11.4, so I’ll hold
off on this one until something a bit more “stable” is released. But I’ll be
watching it, thanks.

Yes, that is exactly what it is. The majority of the packages are really just
11.4, and Tumbleweed “lays on top of” the 11.4 base and adds updated packages
as needed. Those packages are built for the 11.4 + Tumbleweed repo, so it all
should play nice together, unlike previous attempts of merging different repos
that might conflict with each other in odd ways.

When 11.4 ends, and the new release comes out (12.1 or whatever we are calling
it), then you need to update your base repos to the new release, do a zypper
dup, and keep on going. Tumbleweed will have been “rebased” on top of the new
release, and will not be maintained for older releases at all.

This is what happened when we moved from 11.3 to 11.4, and everyone had no
problem updating (or if they did, they didn’t tell me…)

Hope this helps explain things better,

greg k-h

Recoll is available for Factory Index of /repositories/home:/dockes/openSUSE_Factory

vdpau is an api that is open [Phoronix] NVIDIA Releases Standalone VDPAU Library](http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NzU0MA) so legally there should be no legal issues (of course morally …) and is available for Factory Index of /repositories/X11:/Drivers:/Video/openSUSE_Factory

the “rebasing” explanation clears it up for me, thanks

Welcome Greg and thanks for soliciting input here!

Web application development libs such as


this repo is currently working well for me using Tumbleweed upgraded from 11.4

Index of /repositories/Emulators:/Wine/openSUSE_Factory

+1 for KDE 46


Digikam, already a part of KDE 46, I believe.

VLC – there are versions in factory and in Tumbleweed_all_of_Packman. I just now installed VLC from the latter repo with a bit of help from /games/tumbleweed repo ro solve a dependency issue.

LAMP (apache2 etc)

Hi greg k-h, good to see you here.

Packages: jack, qjackctl, and rosegarden; would also like qsynth, but it appears to have dropped from packman and now only available from an OBS/home: repo.

They work well enough with kernel-desktop and so avoids going outside of openSUSE to ubuntu derivative or other niche audio distro.

Yes, it’s availble for factory, but it is not in the openSUSE:Factory repo,
which is a requirement for Tumbleweed. Please submit it and get it accepted
there, and then we can look into adding it to Tumbleweed.

Again, it’s not in the openSUSE:Factory repo, right? So I can’t take it.

And yes, moral issues count, especially when you realize whose copyrights those
kernel modules are violating (hint, my personal ones…)


greg k-h

On Fri, 15 Apr 2011 03:06:02 +0000, Ski K2 wrote:

> Web application development libs such as apache2

I used to have apache2 in Tumbleweed for 11.3, I don’t think it’s
updated since 11.4 is out, but I’ll make sure. It’s on my “to-watch”
list already.

> php

This gets into a ton of library dependencies as discussed already.

> mysql
> postgres

These were already explained.

> wine
> this repo is currently working well for me using Tumbleweed upgraded
> from 11.4
> ‘Index of /repositories/Emulators:/Wine/openSUSE_Factory’
> (http://tinyurl.com/6a3yv5q)

But that’s really the same version that is currently in openSUSE:11.4
right now, and is not guaranteed to be stable at all just yet. I’ll wait
for the Wine developers to give me a “take this one” statement before
adding it to Tumbleweed as it would cause them more work to have to
support random versions.

> +1 for KDE 46

As before, it’s in openSUSE:Tumbleweed:KDE for testing at the moment,
give me a week or so to get it all worked out.


greg k-h