What packages do i need to set up KDevelop for programming with Qt

I have KDevelop installed
it tells me i dont have cmake
so i installed one
now when i created my project, it says it doesnt find the included Qt libraries
i wonder if there is a pattern to install all KDevelop and Qt stuff?

I am using openSUSE11.4 KDE
isnt KDE built on Qt? how come there is no Qt libraries onboard?:\

Take a look at the patterns

If I were you I would drop in the IRC #opensuse-kde
ask for advice from devs there

yes i have it installed
actually i have just successfully set up KDevelop to program with Qt
but I now have another question, I read somewhere that KDevelop can make use of Qt Designer
But after some googling, I found that all those tutorials are for KDevelop3 and doesnt seem to apply to KDevelop4.
Does KDevelop4 support Qt Designer integration?