What other language would you like to learn?

So I just started self studying Japanese a couple weeks ago. And it has me curious.

What language would you like to learn and why?

And/or what languages have you learned and why?

For me… It’s a number of things. For starters I like stuff that is different and interesting. I am a native English speaker (like most of you I am sure) and have always found the sound of Japanese rather interesting. I am also interested in the culture of Japan so I plan on studying abroad there sometime in the next couple years… hence another reason for learning the language. Another reason would be job opportunities (of course… kinda a no brainer). I am a computer science major and I feel like being able to speak fluent japanese could really help me out in that industry. However, I ultimately would like to fly for an international airline (probably to Japan). Although… If for some reason those 2 plans fall through… currently I am working on becoming an EMT and could eventually go on down the paramedic/nursing route in which knowing a second language could help as well. Besides all that though… I am kinda an anime nut and would like to be able to watch anime in Japanese with no subtitles and read manga in japanese as well.

Another reason would be able to show off, of course. :slight_smile:

So what about you guys?

Interesting question boobooq88.
I would like to speak good all that I learned and spoke once upon a time.

It would be nice collection: English, German, Russian and of course my native, which is a bit complicated to name right now.

Is it Bosnian which I write and speak, or it is Croatian, or it is Serbian. Before last Balkan wars (1991-96) it was considered kind of one language, but after we are all polyglots with 1 native and 2 foreign languages in portfolio :slight_smile: . Not bad. What do you think?

Same, wouldn’t mind knowing Japanese.
Picked up a bit from watching anime, but that’s never gonna make me fluent in it… (though it scares me sometimes how much I do understand without subtitles).

I’m from the Netherlands by the way, so that makes Dutch my native language… can understand some German (similar to Dutch, but sounds even worse imo) and a tiny bit of Japanese. Wont try to say anything in either though as I’ll just end up embarrassing myself.
Oh and as you have probably noticed by now, I know some English as well… watching the Discovery Channel for the Dinosaur specials as a kid works wonders. (even back then it was the only thing remotely interesting on the telly over here)

So rajko… basically you’re saying that you speak 1 language that is considered 3 different languages? Pretty funny.

Discovery Channel? Hahaha… that’s pretty awesome.

Yea… I’m going the total immersion route… Japanese music only, anime and japanese in japanese & no subtitles, japanese TV, etc

Basically… as little english and as much japanese as possible.

Eventually it will be only reading Japanese (manga, books, etc.)… switching my whole computer to japanese… and so on.

One thing I’m missing at this point is people to speak with… :\

So yea… pretty hardcore… but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

And apparently I forgot to mention the other languages I would like to learn which would be Spanish, German, maybe Russian or Mandarin Chinese

Oh… and I’m hittin the books hard… Right now I’m working on memorizing 2,042 Kanji

Something that takes Japanese students 12 years to do… and I’m shooting for less than 3 months :open_mouth:

Ada - but more like relearn.

So you would like to speak like a computer? :stuck_out_tongue:

Duetsche. Hmmm, reason? I seem to correspond with a few folks from Germany and I only know a few words in their language. I envy those that can speak more than one language.

The other language I would like to learn is my own - English- as I lack good communication skills, partly due to my parents training, or lack thereof, and partly from the terrible public school systems here in the States where there isn’t an emphasis on grammar usage. Not that I want to talk like an academic, but I only have to watch the British television shows to know there is something wrong with American English. We sound so ignorant!
Regards, Orba

Shucks, I can’t edit my post. :’( I meant, deutsche

German and maybe Spanish. I studied german in school but i can’t understand it. Stuck to the “just can read” part:. As you can see i know english and my native language-bulgarian.

I would like to relearn assembler :wink:


Geoff with a G, I can just hear Hetty Wainthropp saying, “Cheeky monkey”. ; )

boobooq88 wrote:

> So rajko… basically you’re saying that you speak 1 language that is
> considered 3 different languages? Pretty funny.

Yes, when you look from distance, but it isn’t that simple.
Each folk there is proud of their heritage and they don’t find funny to mess
with that.

Anyway, there is old saying that everyones worth is proportional to number
of languages he/she speaks. I don’t know the origin, but it is used in
couple of places in Europe.

So, if you have no problems to learn, select couple that can be useful to
make money from it, and go for it. Translators and interpreters can make
money. I got to pay professional services to translate documents few times
and it was far from cheap.

When you mentioned Kanji, you are for sure gifted with good memory.
Having a good memory and hearing is essential for languages.
The former is important learn correct pronunciation.

Regards, Rajko

well my native is spanish… and i know english since i was 10 so its kinda “native” too… i know a bit of french and portuguese (really similar to spanish)

would like to learn Japanese and German… and chinese maybe… not cause i like it… just apparently they are going to rule the world soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha… Sure seems like it

i like the way russian and german(deutsche??) sounds. also french
would like to learn those.

in india every state speaks a different language.
so most often you will learn atleast two language if not more
so its 4 languages for me.
hindi, which is our national language.
kannada, which is the language of the state i reside in
malayalam(btw is a palindrome ), which is the language of the state my origin
tamil, one more language from a neighbouring state

Wow, so many languages, vijay! I envy you!

I only know a few words in my grandmother’s native language, like “nadrag” for pants or trousers, “shud” for beer, “bor” for wine. My grandmother came to this country in 1910. My mother and her siblings were slapped for speaking Hungarian in public, and were urged to speak English, as most all children of immigrants were urged to do. So, a whole language lost in two generations. :frowning:

Another language I think would be nice to learn is Vietnamese. We had some friends originally from Vietnam and I loved the “ba” sounds.

Regards, Orba

My native isnt english,
so my third choice ( aside I dont know a word of french that I studied 4 years in high school :shame: ) would be spanish

Yes, when you look from distance, but it isn’t that simple.
Each folk there is proud of their heritage and they don’t find funny to mess
with that.

Your right,
But bosnian is a name for people ( 1/3 of population) to not get offended.
You can always look 3 generations or further and know the answer.

And about those computer languages I cant speak those but someday… maybe

I wanna finish learning 廣東話 (because I really like HK films) at the same time as I learn 日本語 (because I love my girlfriend).

I also want to learn the basics of MatLab and Lisp and I want to improve my Perl. And lately I am quite interested in Python.

Take care,

thats bad.
just after independence(indian independence) there was a time when north indians wanted to impose hindi on on the whole country

now the times have changed isn’t it?
there are more sane people than fanatics.
i dont think now anybody would slap you for speaking in your native language. why not start learning ? :slight_smile:

fanatics still do exist who want to thrust their language/beliefs on others.
but they wouldn’t have the support of the majority