What office suits is good?

Hi, i use currently still Libre Office but i am getting annoyed by the crashes i have if i copy a html text in word.
I am not saying its bad, but its still unstable considering it just crashes with no error message. Just vanishes from the screen.
Now i tried KOffice which is quite nice. But the word application is not perfect either.
If i paste a text, i don’t even see a cursor anywhere and so you past a document and paste it over the current inserts. Plus, in my case, i had two pages, but only one is visible.

Are there any other Office Suits for Linux out there?
There is another Office Suit which is commercial (for a low price), but haven’t tried it out so far.

Any thoughts about it?

Not really - just be patient. The LibreOffice team are working hard to improve and stabilise the code they inherited from Sun/Oracle.

On 2011-05-29 11:36, john hudson wrote:
> Not really - just be patient. The LibreOffice team are working hard to
> improve and stabilise the code they inherited from Sun/Oracle.

Importing html in openoffice also used to crash the writer, for years. When
I do, I import small sections and remove formatting. I don’t think this is
going to improve soon.

But that is just a particular task, there are many things that work well,
and it is probably the best suite we have.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” at Telcontar)

I agree - I have rescued Word files that MS Office would not open and done lots of things which MS Office either cannot do or can only do with difficulty and lots of add-ons. LibreOffice has its weaknesses but many are inherited from lacklustre management of the code during Sun’s time. Others, I have to say, are by sometimes trying to imitate MS Office too closely and reproducing the annoyances that make MS Office such a pain for certain types of work.

I’ve heard praise for Abiword, although I never used it.

Ah, i see. So its not an error that just happens to me. Good to know.
True, LibreOffice is good. Its just quite annoying if it crashes.

There is also a relatively cheap commercial alternative which is called from SoftMaker. It supposed to be quite good with MS interchangeability.

On 2011-05-29 20:06, brunomcl wrote:
> I’ve heard praise for Abiword, although I never used it.

Low weight, compared to openoffice. If the document is not complex, it is
quite good.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” at Telcontar)

never had libre office crash but you can always install OpenOffice 3.2.1 instead
OpenOffice.org - Download tested and stable builds
middle of the page

Abiword is fine, has in my view a better interface and in some areas is more compatible with Word than LibreOffice. It depends what you want; I do a lot of multi-lingual work and LibreOffice is by far the best for this.

Does anyone use Lotus Symphony?

How does it compare to LibreOffice?

Yes I’ve used it a bit. Ddin’t see any difference compared to OpenOffice and Star Office (there was no Libre Office at that time). Further to the comments last time I tried KOffice it was junk (don’t remember exactly but I think it was 2 years ago). It couldn’t save in .doc it even crashed when trying to save in it’s own format… and lacked a lot of functionality compared to OO.

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I had a major problem with impress in openSUSE which was a go-oo problem not a sun/oracle problem. I have seen a thread in the openSUSE forums that indicate that there is a major bug in libreoffice base shipped by openSUSE. It would appear that this bug has been merged into the libreoffice 3.4 code from a distribution. Both of these bugs are so obvious that they should not have got past a simple system test. Although libreoffice is a new project, it appears to be a fork of openoffice merged with go-oo which was also a fork of openoffice. As a result I don’t believe that it is reasonable to use the excuse that libreoffice is new when problems are found. There does seem to be a QA issue with go-oo/libreoffice when simple functionality checks do not seem to have been done. It may be the combination of features that I use but I have had fewer problems with openoffice under windows than openoffce (go-oo) on openSUSE

I am considering looking at lotus symphony which I believe is also openoffice based. I believe that there is no base component to symphony. I have seen posts that there is nobody working on base in libreoffice but this may not be correct or may have changed

I have tried to install Lotus Symphony, but it did nothing. Since i was to lazy to find out why, i gave up for now. Did it install on your systems?

LibreOffice 3 does have a problem trying to support HTML coding.
I’m sure the few developers working on LO3, try to include the latest greatest HTML5.
LO3 also supports imported PDF files and that’s a lot of coding to support.

Honestly, one should use applications designed for development as document complexity increases, in this case HTML.
LO3’s core is an office suite not development suite.
Documents, spreadsheets, impress, drawings are the cornerstones of office suites.
KISS, if you need to make modifications to HTML get a WYSIWYG HTML editor or IDE.

Try Abiword, but I don’t like it since it hates my printer.