what NIC and graphics card work with OpenSUSE?


I’m new to Linux. I bought a computer loaded with Windows, and I reformatted it with OpenSUSE 11. It boots up fine, but …

I notice the on-board graphics card is not working properly, and the same with the on-board NIC.

I’m thinking of going to the store and buying a new graphics card and NIC. But I want to buy the ones that will work with OpenSUSE 11. Is there a link that shows what hardware works with OpenSUSE 11, and where can I get the proper drivers for them?

Also, I don’t see the OpenSUSE driver for the motherboard that I have (Intel E2200). Am I going to be OK?

Here’s the spec on the computer that I bought:

PowerSpec System Support Archive


A very quick reply . . .

There is no such thing as a motherboard driver. Drivers are specific to chipset, controllers, video, sound, etc.

The spec on the web page you linked doesn’t include the actual NIC or graphics devices. Boot into openSUSE, get into a terminal, switch to root, and do:


Post back output here.

And don’t rush buying new components - this is not Windoze, you’ll make it work without having to upgrade half of your hardware, trust me. All you’ll need is Patience Gold Professional (DVD Edition) 11.1 :stuck_out_tongue: