What menu options are available which are less fashionable and more useful.

Running KDE desktop but I cannot work with the menu display choice which requires one to drill down to see contents rather than seeing several layers at once.
Is it possible to change this within plasma desktop?

KDE is very configurable, so easy to edit as required if desired. In particular, you might prefer a flat menu structure. If so…right-click on KDE menu widget > Configure Application Menu… > Flatten menu to a single level

The two choices I see after clicking “Show Alternatives” are “Application Laucher”, which I believe is default, and “Application Menu”, which is what I use, is described as “launcher based on cascading popup menus”, and resembles the way Win9X worked and KDE3’s default.

Yes, I’m using the ‘Application Menu’ as well. Does TW not have an option to ‘Configure Application Menu’?

TW 20191126 (Plasma 5.17.3 / Frameworks 5.64.0) “Flatten sub-menus to a single level” is still an option, (I use it myself)…

Also of course is “Edit Applications” (kmenuedit) which allows complete customisation of the menu structure.

What in the name of heavenly glory is the menu widget? I have an application launcher which I could configure but not flatten and have given up. Sorry to be so thick but this all makes IceWM look great!

Give the “Application Menu”, rather than “Application Launcher” a go, (personally I prefer that because it’s more compact).

To switch:
Right click on desktop and unlock widgets.
Right click on the (current) Application Launcher icon…
… select “Alternatives”
… then choose “Application Menu”

Again right click on the (now current) Application Menu icon…
… select “Configure Application Menu”

From there you can set “Flatten sub-menus to a single level”

Hi Paul, I have it now thanks. I assume I should lock the widgets when I have finished.
Already looking better.
Sorry to be so dumb.

Yes, sorry, forgot that final step :wink:

Good to read you finally figured it out. Simple stuff. :slight_smile: