What media player is avaiable now on openSUSE11,1

I searched for mplayer but it is no longer avaiable, searching for other players, there is Kplayer when trying to install it, it complains about the mplayer provider
So what application can be used to run mpeg files
Thanks for your collaboration

Run thru this

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

I got these:


From the Packman repo – they’re still available

I’ve used MPlayer for a long time, but IMHO Vlc is a way better - playlist manager, DVD playback, etc. Also available from Packman.

Thanks a lot to all of you.
I have installed VLC, it looks easier to use than Mplayer
Thank yourotfl!

Yeah. I LOVE vlc, but it certainly doesn’t have as many options as Songbird.
And developers for OpenSuse messed up the sources for oneClick-Install. That’s why it sucks at the moment.

Just for the guys who don’t know VLC yet: It even plays broken files and it naturally comes with all necessary codecs.

All about the lure. ^^

With that wrap, I’ve decided to try VLC and see how it goes, thanks.

I have an old collection of Fluid Mechanics videos that I used to recommend as class aid to my students. VLC was able to play most of them but not all. From the real player web page I downloaded an rpm package and with these two programmes installed on my computer I can play them all.
I guess no one programme is complete, i.e., you need at least two media players.
Any way, I once again thank all for their helpful comments.<:)

hi mask

looked but couldnt find a response to your songbird problem. has it been resolved? (the one-click-install opteion for songbird)?


I use SMplayer (a QT coded frontend for Mplayer) and VLC. VLC is for files Mplayer/SMplayer refuses to play. I watch a tone of Anime. SMplayer is great. I use Kaffeine using the gstreamer engine for DVDs and MP3s.

I have been struggling to settle with any of the available media players for linux, after being used to iTunes. However over the weekend I stumbled upon Songbird and installed it with no problems at all. I think it is the closest to iTunes with some very nice additional features.

To instal the software I added the mozilla repository to my repo list and installed it through YAST-Install Software.

Index of /repositories/mozilla