What makes you like OpenSUSE?

@heitormoreira hi. To date I have a 2009 laptop with Leap 15.6 and an Intel NUC12 PRO with Windows 11 Pro. Since it’s corporate I added a SATA III for the VMs. For now I can’t install other bare metal OS…

1-Yast 2-Snapper 3-OBS

Due to the semi-optimal “Upgrade” experience coming from Leap 15.5, it’s a new install anyway. So by effort does not matter which distro or version comes after Leap 15.6. But i like Suse, it’s an emotional thing. :grin:

The system is exceptionally stable, and updates almost never cause problems. Occasionally, I run into issues with Nvidia-related packages, but that’s not OpenSUSE’s fault at all. Besides its stability, I’m also a big fan of Zypper, YaST, and Snapper, which make administering the system incredibly easy.

EDIT: I use Tumbleweed btw

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new to OpenSUSE. coming from Debian for it’s stability.
Moved to Slowroll because of new laptop and needs latest kernel. On an older laptop I installed Leap 15.6 for its release stability.

What strikes me about OpenSUSE is no driver issues, while latest Fedora/Ubuntu needs patches/workarounds for down to earth things like wifi/BT. Also fast to boot like Debian.

Have also been using rolling distro’s like Fedora and Manjaro because it supports latest hardware. However after few months it broke after an upgrade, and reverting to an earlier snapshot is not very obvious, so I left those distro’s.

OpenSUSE has snapshots and reverts baked in. So we’ll see after a few monthly zypper dups whether I will still feel happy.

I like the concept of MicroOS for a desktop, as my daily driver is ChromeOS, with the best Wayland desktop that supports 2-in-1 laptop unlike Gnome or KDE wayland.

However right now I’m on the fence. I read stories of freezing Fedora Silverblue desktops after a few months of installation.

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To be honest, I don’t have a lot of comparison except UNIX in University in the Nineties.
When looking into Linux the first time in 2001 I was just glad to find a German company providing such a full distribution. It was dual boot with W98 but I mostly stayed with the other side. Just with Suse Professional 10.0 I really got started and kicked out all MS stuff. I am and have been staying with what is now Leap, since then.
I really admire how stable it has become. Having the same sources as SLE surely must have a positive effect. The online upgrade has become so smooth, that’s really great. I don’t actually remember when I did a fresh install on an existing machine.
Available software has always been a point of discussions. Other distros were said to have more choice, I hardly had a problem except some very special, mostly hardware-related programs.
BTRFS snapshots have saved my heinie so many times… :smiley:
Last, but had better be first, the community, this forum, which give such a valuable support. I rarely have to open any topic because so many issues are solved here.
It this little bit where I try to contribute, when and if I have the chance. I do hope this is going to stay as it is - well, who knows.