What makes a package part of Online Update?

Can someone point me to a link or describe how certain packages such as glib, yast2, etc. are part of “Online update” i.e. new versions show up there, whereas certain packages are not (e.g. NVIDIA drivers). Is it a setting on the repository, the package, or does the new version need to be labelled specifically?

Update repo is for Suse packages. ie anything in in the OS repo. This is usually patches but in some rare cases may be full version changes.

To change version from other repos it generally requires you to do it by checking the repo for newer versions.

I think you need to define Online Update. If you open the relevant YaST window, you will find several views are possible including Patches and Repositories and within Repositories you can make a range of decisions as to which repositories you want to update. You can of course update all repositories at the same. But the principle is that what is included in Online Update is under your control. Even with security patches you have the choice whether or not to install them.

By “Online Update” I mean those updates that are shown as pending in Yast2 - Online Update on the “Patches” tab and/or the ones that trigger my “Updater applet” to notify me that there are updates pending.

I think I figured it out, though: it appears to only show packages that are part of the Index of /update/11.3 repo.