What Linux Will Look Like In 2012

I have came across this article.
Very interesting to read.
Link to Article

sheesh! any easier to use & it will be like using windows ( blech! )
/me goes back to quietly compiling latest app


I’ve read the article but I think it relies too much on projecting current trends; change is often stepwise and unexpected because developments in another area impact on a particular technology.

I remember in 1990 saying that I expected a new operating system to emerge in the 1990s; if anyone had told me it would be a ‘development’ of Unix, I would not have believed them.

You think Windows is easy to use? For me, it’s incredibly, frustratingly difficult. I don’t know what I’d be doing if Windows was the only OS available, but it wouldn’t have anything to do with computers.

What will Linux look like in 2012? <The great Lindynac presses the envelope to his head>… And the answer is…Silly Putty! I want to be able to make copies by just pressing a piece of paper on the screen, forget them printer contraptions!

I hope it looks very green.


2012 is a long way off in computer time…good luck with those predictions.