What lib does Leap need to display svg-icons?

Create a new appliance, add konqueror to it and start konqueror in testdrive.
On the welcome screen, 4 boxes instead of the icons were displayed.
I tried all possible libqt5*svg etc packages, but could not find the right one.
Anyone an idea which is missing?

What icon theme are you using?
If it’s “breeze”, that’s kind of “normal”. Those icons seem to be missing there.
Switch to “oxygen” and they should show up.

I doubt that this is caused by some missing lib for svg-icons…
The same happens on my full 13.2 installation here.

I did not notice that so far, in fact not in 13.2 either.
I have checked the icons, they are there, so it is a matter of - what??

Again, it only happens with the breeze theme, not KDE4’s default oxygen.

I have checked the icons, they are there, so it is a matter of - what??

Ok, yes.
Right-clicking on the missing images does indicate that the SVG icons from the breeze theme are found and used, and “View image” works as well.

Now you can call that a bug in Konqueror if you want to or in the underlying libraries, but the point is that Konqueror doesn’t seem to be able to display the breeze icons there, it works fine with the “oxygen” theme (which contains PNG files).
And I noticed that a year ago already, in 13.1 even.

As already indicated, I am not aware of any library (or other package) you could install to “fix” that.

Problem is that breeze is the default in the Leap-Studio Template…

Yes, it is Plasma5/KF5’s default in general.

Still, I don’t think there is another workaround than switching the icon-theme to oxygen.

You might want to file a bug report at http://bugs.kde.org/ though.