what kinds of tools do you use in web mockup designs?

Hey, everyone,

I’m back for questions again.

I recently created a team to start a new business, which is a website for Chinese/Japanese learning English words with scientific methodology.

so I’m building it, but I don’t know which tool can be used to do the mockup design. I tried gimp (too complexed for an inexperienced user), openoffice draw ( a little complex, and not professional either).

My requests are professional ( looks good), and fast (easy to use), and not advanced (looks difficult to newbies)

Dia might be a good candidate, but i can’t even find a button shape in dia.

Any good suggestion? appreciated very much.

thanks in advance.


Interesting question. In all honesty I use pen and paper, then re-draw the designs using OpenOffice draw to create “wireframes”. That way no one is sidetracked onto design details before the functional requirements are understood & captured.

This also makes it easy for others to view and comment on the screen-concepts in one document.

However, you appear to be asking for a gui builder tool, such as QT Designer, or Glade.

If you want to build a prototype of the screen, then sure, use a GUI builder - you could even use something like NetBeans. Alternatively, use a visual web designer like NVU.

Hi, GransRemedy

Thanks for your good suggestions. I decided to stick on openoffice draw, though it’s not perfect, but I’m used to it.

more and more I dislike practising applications I’m not familiar with… no time wasted on the practising except it’s really nice to use.

Thanks for your suggestions, and still wait for good products from linux community.

btw, my company use only linux os, including HR people (not only tech guys I mean), but we use different distributions. you know, everyone has its own choices.

thanks again.