What is your VPN service provider of choice?

I recently posted this, seeking help on my issue with Private Internet Access, here:


So far no one seems to know the possible problem. thus my question now is: if you are using a VPN service and it works with openSuse 12.3 KDE, may I know more about it?


A little under a year ago (as I’m posting this) I did some extensive investigation into various proxy and vpn services and their pricing.

I eventually signed up with PrivatVPN, a Swedish company that charges about 49 kroners per month. Utilizing either of the two standard payment gateways, you can pay for the service using your native currency, for me (USA) the gateway is PayPal which makes the monthly payment approx $8.

I also considered the politics of the country the VPN service is located in, and in general I consider Swedish companies less likely to automatically turn over their data to anyone although nowadays I don’t consider anything uncrackable. Their Terms also seem agreeable in that they claim not to keep logs any longer than necessary for Operations. VPN services are no different than other “Privacy” methods and technologies today, they only raise the bar a bit regarding privacy but a fool would expect anywhere close to guaranteed privacy nowadays.

So now after about 8 months, I can say I’ve been very pleased with their service. Not only is the price a lot cheaper than most other services, they have provided <reliable> service. The only 2 times there were minor interruptions in their service (one pre-planned for infrastructure upgrade in one of their gateway centers), they have always had numerous alternative working gateways which provided no problems. I also haven’t run into any problems with throttling or protocol blocking.

The instructions for implementing for Linux are very clear. Although I setup both launching by console and by Network Manager, of course I use NM most of the time for its convenience. The primary VPN technology used is OpenVPN (ie SSL/TLS based) althouh PPTP is also an option which I use on my mobile phone (because my Android phone doesn’t provide native support for OpenVPN, but does for PPTP).

So, generally speaking considering the many problems I’ve heard with various VPN services, I’ve had only a superlative experience with PrivatVPN so far, and hope that by posting their name here, I won’t cause a flood of people at once that might impact their service.

If you’re interested, here is a direct link for signing up (minimum 1 month)


Thank you so much.

I use a Private Internet Access connection on an opensuse 12.3 machine and found it very reliable

It’s not configured with networkmanager though and I did have to fiddle around with a bit and do some reading before I made it work that way

If you’re interested in how I made it work have a look at this thread


Thanks everyone,

So I finally managed to make it work: I went to Private Internet Access website / Client Control Panel, and used the PPTP username|password that I could generate there, I did not know that I should use a different set of user/pass for PPTP.

it still doesn’t work under openVPN but I guess it’s no big deal.

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