What is your favorite vacation?

Fill out the poll, but then tell us of your favorite vacation with links to pictures if you have them.

My favorite vacation is getting on my ATV and riding/camping with family/friends and exploring all the varied and wonderful scenery of Utah.

Casto Canyon (Redrock Hoodoos)
Paiute Trail (Alpine Mountains)
Canyonlands (Redrock Colorado Plateau)
Reservation Ridge (Alpine Mountains including the bear we had to shoot)

Being on your own is the best thing!!!

I really like it!!!

i have been to some nice places, hawaii, texas, new zealand etc, but (i live in england by the way)the holidays i now enjoy the most, which i have done 3-4 times now each summer, is a trip to scotland for 1 week, and north wales for a week (scotland first, then drive to wales from scotland) and me a few mates rent a small house out and go mountain biking nearly every day for 2weeks, it’s such good fun. we go on 30+mile rides every day, and the days we don’t ride i at least go for a nice x-country run through the forests. it’s so nice to get away to some where where there is just nothing around. some may not call that a holiday as it’s quite strenuous, but…i love it :smiley:

Camping on my own, or with just a few people in a place I know I’ll meet people is great. Especially if it means I get to a) snowboard a new fresh line or b) hike up Tower Ridge - Ben Nevis.

Winter camping is awesome - nothing like a snowcave!

Give me a nice comfy bed in a beautiful hotel in the middle of a large city with my girlfriend. We’ll spend our days walking or taking the train/subway to museums and tourist sites, staring at the architecture along the way; our nights will be filled with theatre and musical performances. Now THAT’s my kind of vacation.

Every camping trip I’ve been on (with the exception of one) has ended in a massive thunderstorm or worse. Last time we left our camp site and drove thirty minutes east to a crummy hotel because of a tornado. The tornado ignored the camp site, went down the street right outside of our hotel, and dropped a pine tree on the room next to ours.

We do walking, mostly in the mountains (Alps, Himalaya but lower ones are also appreciated). We should have been in Tibet now going round mount Kailash. But we cancelled it for obvious reasons.