What is your favorite New Year food?

Do you have a favorite food you eat on New Year’s Eve? I have two:

1 - Ritz cracker with a slice of pepper-jack cheese topped with a marinated artichoke heart

2 - A dip made of a block of cream cheese, with “Roasted Raspberry Chipoltle sauce” poured over it used to dip crackers.

Share your recipe with us.

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http://www.typicaldutchstuff.com/products/oliebol.jpg Oliebollen!

Seems to be something typically Dutch, like vla.
I even found the recipe for those who are interested… doesn’t require anything special.
It’s basically just fried batter with raisins but very typical for the new year.

Well that’s awfully strange, there is no edit option in this forum, or did the server just make a 10m jump putting me over the edit limit?

Anyways, just wanted to say the awesome bottle scraper in the Vla article is only something the greedy Dutch can come up with :slight_smile:

Oh man… reading through the list and seeing that Oliebol image almost made me gag! :wink: I’ll take a dry cracker for now…

Glad this is only once a year…!

Hope you all had a good Chrismas & New Years celebration!


In my household we make a dip made from cream cheese and salsa.

Just to bring my comment in the right perspective… I’ve been eating and drinking too much these days… I wasn’t really talking about the list but the notion of more food :stuck_out_tongue:

Axeia, you forgot the ‘appelflappen’!! :slight_smile:

Well! I’m italian, so spaghetti forever! (and mandolino if possible). happy new year