What is your daily dose of KDE crashes?

I am curious to learn how often do the kwin_x11 and similar crash in your computer, assuming you work daily, and update regularly.

I see crashes once per day, mostly while doing something with a window. After about half of them, I have to reboot.

This is worse than Windows 10, 8.1, 7. Since 2014, the Ks cannot figure out that libQtsomething segfault.

This is often a video problem so need to know video card/chip and driver

100% solid here.

You might want to report on your hardware as suggested

Same here but, I suspect that it’s a platform issue – one has to assume that, most of the open Source (Linux) developers and testers are using Intel based hardware.
[HR][/HR]I’m beginning to suspect that most of the Leap 42.2 KDE Plasma 5 Segment Faults are occurring only on AMD based hardware.
Using a Lenovo G505s Laptop with an AMD A10-5750M APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics I experience 1 or 2 DrKonqui crashes per day – take a look in the KDE Bugzilla and you’ll see my reporting rate – unfortunately one of the issues only crashed once (or maybe fortunately because I was able to send the KDE folks the crash dump . . . >:) ) – since then the System Settings window (Touch Pad setup) simply disappears without crashing.

I’m also experiencing openSUSE Plymouth crashes (Crash Dump submitted) which the openSUSE developers also claim that they can’t reproduce.
[HR][/HR]Bottom line: despite AMD sponsoring Linux and openSUSE in particular, it seems that AMD hardware is handled in much the same way as one handles the mother-in-law by the open Source development community. :frowning:

None at all.

Hardware platform?

  • In particular CPU, motherboard Chip Set and Graphic card.

I assume you mean mine, as you quote me.
Asus AMD760G/SB710
AMD FX4300
Nvidia GT710 (Nvida driver 375.20)
I also use the KDE repos

a couple of (plasma I suppose) freeze, not crash, a day solved with

killall plasmashell; kstart plasmashell 

Laptop=Dell latitude E6510, RAM=8Gb, GPU=GT218 NVS 3100M, CPU=i7 Q 720 @ 1.60GHz

I’m not seeing an obvious problem here.

However, looking at “/var/lib/systemd/coredump”, I see dumps from “klauncher” and from “drkonqi”. I did not notice any observable evidence of the problems. (There are three dumps for each).

Hmm, based on the timestamps of the dumps, and a hazy recollection of events, they might have been crashes during startup of KDE, or perhaps during shutdown of KDE. Hmm, shutdown looks more likely. The most recent startup time (from the “last” command) is a few minutes after the most recent dumps.

Dumping core during shutdown isn’t going to be anything that I fret about.

Another fresh crash today… reported to KDE’s bug tracking system through KDE’s crash reporting utility:

[KCrash Handler]#6  0x00007f0deed68dd0 in QQmlBinding::write(QQmlPropertyData const&, QV4::Value const&, bool, QFlags<QQmlPropertyPrivate::WriteFlag>) () at /usr/lib64/libQt5Qml.so.5

(It is interesting whether they have a crash prevention utility.)

How do you want us to provide a serious answer to this without giving us one single piece of information. Given your last line I’ll consider this a rant and will be moving it to General-Chit-chat

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I have a Toshiba laptop with an AMD chip that had quite a lot of problems with Leap 42.1 - sometimes it wouold run for hours without any problems and other times it would take several reboots before it was stable. Since upgrading to 42.2 just over two weeks ago, I have not had a single problem with the screen and the only program that has caused problems is Kontact which still will not run (it didn’t in 42.1).

Just saying Intel hardware is vague
if using intel integrated graphics there is a known bug with sna acceleration the fix is simple use uxa
if that’s a newer laptop use bumblebee (uxa is still recommended as bumblebee is a mix of intel and nvidia hardware)
if nvidia card don’t use the noveau 3d package if you want 3d acceleration use nvidia’s propiatory driver
if that’s a desktop with a newer intel cpu that includes a builtin gpu disable intel’s gpu in bios google is your friend
if that’s an amd graphic card try the latest fglrx drivers
I had some issues on 42.1 with nouveau but zero issues with nvidia’s drivers on an intel cpu + nvidia gpu

Is a desktop with a new Nvidia card.

kwin_x11 crashes both with nouveau and nvidia drivers. With nouveau the crashes seem to happen more often.

Compositor is enabled. Rendering backend is XRender.

If you have core dumps on shutdown (and are satisfied its benign) you can easily turn them off, see Core dump - ArchWiki

did you disable intel’s gpu in bios, if you have a newer inetel cpu it has a gpu and that needs to be disabled

Did you check if your RAM is doing OK? No, this is not a joke, but a faulty RAM can give you lots of crashes randomly.


You should post your hardware

Swap size (maybe).

And, whether you’ve updated your system. Instead of relying on Apper, you should run the following in an elevated console at least once after your new install

zypper update

You should also note what was the last thing you were doing each time your system crashes.