what is vendor lock?


can someone explain me what is the vendor lock or to point me to some documentation?

say you buy an app that uses a proprietary database back end where the data format is not documented and there is no data export facility provided - this would be an example of vendor lock. How would you replace this product with another?

Have a look at

Vendor lock-in - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

the point is that vendor lock is activated in my KR46 repo.

KR46 has kde-4.6.1 and the oss repo has 4.6.0.

Yast doesn’t recognize the packages of KR46 as an update,because of vendor lock.why this happens?

never saw this

in the repository management module if you lower the KR46 priorities does this help? remember lower number is actually higher priority when updating

what about in package management -> repostory tab -> KR46 repo -> right click an rpm -> “all in this list” -> “update unconditionally”

all my repo have priority 99.

I know how to update my system the point is that i want to understand why this happens :slight_smile:

Ok that was a misunderstanding about the term vendor lock from the very beginning. Now it is clear.
Simply adding a repository does not mean automatically that everything from that repository is taken into account for updates. This is some way to ensure that you do not screw up your system to easily.
In yast you can view packages by repository. If you select the kde 4.6.1 repo then you should see in yast a possibility to switch all modules to that repository (sorry for being so fuzzy I cannot check now how it is called exactly) and if you press that everything in kde is switched to 4.6.1 (probably it will ask you to solve some conflicts when you do that).

Edit: Just changing the priorities does not help.

in the repository tab, above the column titles is a bar with a “switch system packages” link (which on my color scheme it difficult to see)

Yes this is exactly what I tried to describe and is exactly what I use myself. The way I use it in 11.3 is
step 1: I switched (in my case) to KDE 4.5 repository with that
step 2: after this was done I selected packman repo and did the same switch again

The step 2 is to ensure that some of the multimedia parts are really again from packman (k3b is an example or kaffeine) without crippled features regarding mp3 and so on.

I just tried to find a proper description in the opensuse documentation about the lock-vendor feature but failed to find it. Maybe someone else knows where the official documentation is. So let me add a last comment about it:
The idea to lock update to packages to a specific vendor (repository) is of course that you can make sure that the packages come from this and only this repository and nothing is mixed up just because another repo has a higher priority or some subset of packages has some newer versions.

thank you all of you for your help…

this was the perfect answer to my question…:slight_smile: