What is used for building iso-image with latest patches?

Can someone share what is used for building the latest openSuse 10.3 or 11.0 iso-image that incorporates the latest patches for either version? While I have patched both my systems, I still need to have an iso-image available that I can burn to a DVD, in case one of my systems goes down. The last time I lost an openSuse 10.3 system, it took over 8 hours to download all the patches under Yast2.

Thanks for your assistance.

This is just a drive-by reply . . .

Have you looked at YaST/Software/Install into Directory? I’ve only looked at it a little, but it appears to install your particular setup - which I would assume include the patches and updates - into a directory which could be built into an iso. Looks to me similar to the option you have at the very end of the installation, where you can create an image for Autoyast.

There are also the Product Creator and Image Creator modules. These seem to require pulling directly from the repositories opposed to imaging from your own install, but the net result might be the same. There are some sdb articles on this.

fwiw . . .

EDIT: If you find a good solution, would be great to post a note back here!