WHAT??? Is thrashing my HDD

About 30 seconds after boot is complete.
It sounds like the HDD is being torn out and beat against the case!

I CAN’T do anything. Mouse cursor disappears. I can’t open a terminal any way or fashion to run ‘top’ or ‘htop’
This is getting ridiculous, and happens nearly every evening.
I usually end up hitting the power button, and letting it do a fresh start.

I DO NOT use snapper, if it is that then SuSe has fubar’d my ext4 formats.

About on more time, and the 15.2 USB KEY GOES IN, AND I REVERT.

I am typing this on my iPad because the PC is IMO, fubar’d by what ever is causing my HDD to be beat to pieces. I expect that from Win10, NOT Leap 15.3!

I think it is the tracker routine That i what is a op of ‘TOP’ and indications are it is using a lot of resources.
There are 2 file there tracker-extract and tracker-store.
Can I disable tracker?

Try appending a 3 to the end of the line that begins linu after striking the E key at the Grub menu, to boot in text mode, to see whether the thrashing occurs there. If not, you can take a look at the journal for the previous boot for clues:

sudo journalctl -b -1 | egrep -A2 -B2 'rack|fail'

Disable tracker activities: https://askubuntu.com/questions/346211/tracker-store-and-tracker-miner-fs-eating-up-my-cpu-on-every-startup/353450#353450

Bad sectors can cause HD thrashing Linux will attempt to read a sector until check sums are right or until the heat death of the Universe