What is the root users password in Google Chrome OS?

Just wondering case I downloaded the chrome os and I can’t become root. So It’s very frustrating.
Looks like this thing was built on Suses Kernel.:stuck_out_tongue:

There are no local passwords. This is an OS to connect to the cloud, remember? You can use any gmail login and password.

I don’t get it how?

When are there so many yast network settings I can’t have permission to use? My version logs me in directly to the desktop. I have no idea what to do next I kow i can open the web browser. But I can do that on any os

It’s perfectly possible to build a Linux install that doesn’t have any way of authenticating to root, to be a black box. But it sounds like you are running a different flavour of Chrome OS than the one I played with in a VirtualBox, so you should ask the developers what you can do. IIRC the one I played with was based on Ubuntu.

who are the developers? i have no pdea how to figure that out it came from a torrent and it’s based on Suse’

I think the tarball said i686.04.237

How would I contact them?

Try to trace who authored the image. You would know better than I where it came from. As I said, I think mine was built on Ubuntu and is different from yours.

I don’t know anything I can’t even remember the torrent I go t it from. Anyone who knows how to figure this out feel free to Chime in? >:(

If you have not gotten this to root privileges to work yet try root as a password (all lower case) I had the same problem trying to run the yast live installer