what is the exact - or close - share of linux users in computer world ?

is there a way on can know , what is the percentage of linux users comparing to windows or mac?
i have just been wondering .
thank you all.

As usual, the question is easier typed down then exactly formulated.:slight_smile:

As Linux is used in many, many devices (e.g. my television set runs Linux), you could all those people call Linux users.

As many web-servers run Linux, you could call all those that browse such web-sites Linux users.


what kind of tvs do you have ?

Philips. And it came with the message that it is running Linux and that I am allowed to ask for the source (as it should be in the Open Source world).

A few real time (and recent) sources


As always,
Results are based on data used… If you want to evaluate how accurate each are, you’ll need to read the information on what data is being used and how it’s collected.


  • Desktop or Mobile?
  • Business or private?

Looking at the links provided by Tsu2, I have the feeling that there is very little distinction being made by the analysts between the Internet activities (which are almost certainly the source of the statistics) of Businesses and private people.

On the other hand, if we examine the mobile telephone world, Android (which is basically a Linux) and Apple have the market pretty much sewn up. Therefore, as far as mobile telephones are concerned, a Linux derivative and something which also has it’s roots in UNIX® are predominant.

My guess at the number of Linux users:

World population: 7,549,886,198
Internet users: 3,713,841,239

From https://www.linuxcounter.net/

Wikipedia can be a good resource for this info, indeed. I think Linux world will greatly benefit from SteamOS introduction. Traditional “popular” operating systems already do not satisfy many conscious users. I hope SteamOs will have more GUI an easier to use. Interesting, however, how closed-source they might be.

I think Valve lost this chance after the release of steam machine, which could run much less games than a normal PC running Windows. I don’t think anyone will take them seriously now in these regards and I doubt SteamOS will change much. Especially when Windows becomes more open (you can install Ubuntu and openSUSE WSL directly from windows store sick!).