What is the difference between the kernel names?

So, I decided to choose a new kernel for update, and found that there are several kernels in our rep here Index of /repositories/Kernel:/HEAD/openSUSE_Factory/x86_64

So, can anybody tell me the difference between these kernels:
kernel-desktop(this one i installed on my laptop)

any info will be highly appreciated.

Some reading here : Kernel - openSUSE

Stick with the desktop unless you have a very good reason to use another.

default is optimized for server configuration
ec2 it used in clouds
rt is optimized for real time
syms is the symbols package ie symbol information may be required for some drivers to install
trace is set to do debug tracing into the kernel (for developers)
vanilla is the unaltered Linux kernel (note most distos tweak things from the upstream kernel)
xen is used for xen VMs
kmp is not a kernel KMP refers to driver packages “KMP packages use macros
that determine which kernel flavors are installed on the machine and builds
binary packages for each flavor found.”

thanks a lot for info, and for the link,my mistake, I should have googled it first, thanks again