What is the default version for GCC in the next LEAP 42.1?

Well the title is self contained :slight_smile: I am very interested to know whether or not GCC 6.x is the default version for upcoming openSUSE LEAP 42.2 release. I’m sure it will be available as an option as it is for GCC 5.x.
FIX just noties the wrong version in the title, it should be 42.2(TWO). sorry for that

Well, it’s not even the default (nor included) in Tumbleweed yet…

Though Tumbleweed is being built/tested against gcc6 in a staging project, most packages that broke should be fixed already.
OTOH, some of the build problems were caused by bugs in gcc6 AFAIK.

I suppose it’s just too early to tell yet.

I rather think not though, as Leap 42 is based on SLE12. I doubt that they will use gcc6 as default in SLE12 SP2 already (SP1 and Leap 42.1 come with 4.8), especially considering that it’s not even in Tumbleweed yet…
That’s just my opinion though.

I’m hoping to see at least version 4.9 in Leap 42.2. Wishing for 5.x

Currently gcc 6 breaks a few things, namely proprietary software compiled with older versions, eg Steam.

It seems, that compiler version should not be changed during dot releases, thus making all upgrades during 42.X series painless…