What is the deciding factors on what Distro you use?

Is it the community


Ease of install

Wireless support

Or video support?

Size of a distro? “DVD/CD”

Package Manager?

Or amount of time for a distro update. " Suse 6-8 months"

One example for me is Ubuntu. It is a very nice distro and rated at the top.
But between the ugly and boring desktop and it being Gnome I don’t use it.“KDE person”
I also try and use a distro that matches my hardware.

I didn’t want to do a survey.Because I thought there would be a lot of varied answers.

I seen this posted on another community.And thought it was a good question.
And thought it would be interesting seeing what your thoughts are on this.

Ahhh! wish there was edit option.
What are the deciding factors on what Distro you use?

My company produces the distro. :slight_smile:

That’s a real good reason :smiley:

been using SuSE for so long, i forgot :smiley: :smiley:


Has to be KDE.
Gnome drives me insane, sorry!
Community and product support - Packaging/Repo’s
Ease of use.

2 years ago I was duel boot with Fedora, but now totally SUSE.

Great KDE support

Great Community Support

Great YAST

More of a “get ready to work” workstation feel out of the box.

I like green too.


I forgot to mention, Absolutely-solid 64 bit OpenSUSE11.

I am never going back.


First lemmie ust say i dont fully understand how to activate quick reply

anyways my deciding point between distros was a mixture of the ease to set up wireless internet and the community that helped me to do it.

Greens a pretty color too


I’ve been using SuSE since Mandrake changed their name to Mandriva. For me I was amazed at the driver support, on install my 56k winmodem that took hours to set up in Mandrake was detected and worked.

Once I switched to DSL, it became the community and configuration tools. I have always loved how GNOME and KDE seem to be maintained equally well too.

And as far as vanity goes, my two favourite colours are black and green… so that is definitely a plus… :stuck_out_tongue: if only KDE could have a green title bar by default. :smiley:

Ha ha, I feel I should also mention that between mandrake I tried debian and fedora, for a few weeks and I feel that SuSE beats them. I also tried ubuntu on my laptop as I had heard that ubuntu was a good choice for mobile, but the state of the forums drove me away - oh, and I discovered SuSE had working drivers out-of-the-box that ubuntu couldn’t even name.

First lemmie ust say i dont fully understand how to activate quick reply

Hmm, edit button vanished after three minutes… anyway, it took me some getting used to as well - I’m used to clicking into the box to activate quick reply. I don’t know what skin you are using, but on opensuse - green at the bottom of each post there is tiny reply button that you have to click. It doesn’t make quotes or anything, it simply activated the quick reply box. :slight_smile:

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In order of importance:

  1. It needs to let me do what I want, when I want. If I want to log in as root, the system needs to assume that I know what I’m doing and let me. Ubuntu = out.

  2. It needs to be easy to update. I want the latest software, and I want it available to me on the day it’s released. Slackware (and often Debian) = out.

  3. It needs to let me use whatever software I want, regardless of license. I don’t want the OS complaining at me because Firefox isn’t 100% GPL’d. Debian = out.

  4. It needs to have developers who are actively looking to squash bugs. All software released to the public must be tested; users are not testers! Fedora = out.

  5. It needs to follow Linux standards, or at the very least, have the deviations well documented. If I read on the internet that I can use “xorgconfig” to configure my Xorg.conf file, the distribution must contain xorgconfig or tell me what to use instead. Mandriva = out.

  6. It needs to be fast. I want the most minimal installation possible so the computer is as fast as possible. openSUSE would normally be out, but since this is the last in a long list of requirements, I usually let it slide.

Hence, openSUSE. :wink:

~~ Andrew D.

Add a solid KDE desktop to that list, and that’s basically me.

Whether it’s Suse

Whether it’s Suse

Yeah that’s a pretty awesome factor too. :stuck_out_tongue:

The community for almost all distros are pretty big and helpful. :slight_smile:

If by desktop u mean looks good by default then yes thats important for me.

Wireless support? Most distros support the same amount I think.

You mean video card right? Isn’t that the same as well for all distros?

Size of distro doesn’t matter to me, even though downloading a dvd takes more time, I actually like the fact that the dvd has more packages. :smiley:

Package manager is important yes, what matters is how easily I can install and remove apps, speed matters as well but not that much cause I remember suse before was quite slow.

Another distro I like is Sabayon though its a lot more difficult to use than SUSE :wink:

For me in this order
1.package manager there’s nothing else like Yast!
2.the updates for apps, the security updates, as well as the version cycle
3.The Community
4.the flexibility I can make it as big or as small as I want
6. Suse was green before green was cool!

Been using OpenSUSE since 10,3, about 8-10 months now, but only recently used it as my main boot, and have been for the past month or two. I used to use it as backup boot. First and foremost, I must say the best part is the community support. While paid support is great, nothing is comparable to discussing points of interesting or getting help on topics with & from members in the same situation or at the same level. Second, I like the choice of the desktops, although I almost always use Gnome 2.22.1, but I do boot into KDE4 and KDE3 once in a while. The package manager is also fast: another plus! But, by far the community support and discussion is great!

Kudos! :slight_smile: